• 4 bearing Duragear drive
  • Instant anti reverse
  • Ultra-smooth spool drag system
  • Titanium nitride front cone, rotor, and line guide
  • Dual rotating swing-arm titanium nitride pick-up pin
  • Fresh and saltwater ready

Model Gear Ratio Inches/Turn Retrieve Speed Spool Capacity (Mono) Weight (Oz) Hand Retrieve Max Drag (Lbs)
1276SLi 3.6:1 22 Std 14 lbs. / 100 yds. 10.2 R or L 10
170i 3.9:1 25 Std 12 lbs. / 140 yds. 11.8 Right 10
576i 3.6:1 19 Std 8 lbs. / 110 yds. 9.4 R or L 8
476i 3.6:1 22 Std 12 lbs. / 100 yds. 10.1 R or L 10
276i 3.6:1 19 Std 8 lbs. / 110 yds. 9.2 R or L 8
276Ui 3.6:1 19 Std 8 lbs. / 110 yds. 10.1 R or L 8

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Andrew Wheeler - the product Manager for Abu Garcia. I’d like to speak to you about the Abumatic 1276i. So this is our top of the line spin cast reel in the Abu family. This reel actually comes pre spooled with a braided fishing line which is pretty unique for a spin cast reel. It’s very unique because it is meant for a braided line as well as a monofilament line. It’s also salt and fresh water ready. As you can see the top cone is a titanium nitride coated color and we use that on the front cone as well as the rotor and on the dual pick up pins. This creates a very very hard abrasive resistant surface so it’s perfect for braided fishing lines. This real also features a 5 bearing system for smooth operation and also has a smooth drag system. This knob here allows for easy drag adjustment that is perfect for the braided fishing line. So next time you are looking for a great spin cast reel, check out the Abumatic 1276i.