You've never seen a reel like this before. A spinning reel with the lightweight properties of graphite but with the strength of an all metal body just doesn't come along everyday. The Revo Premier spinning reel provides the best of both worlds in a one-of-a-kind package.


  • NanoShield body and spool creates an exoskeleton which is up to 300% stronger than graphite and up to 50% lighter than aluminum
  • One piece gear box design allows for more precise gear alignment for smoother operation
  • 10 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing provides increased corrosion protection
  • Sealed Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range
  • Flat EVA knob provide greater comfort and durability
  • Lightweight graphite rotor
  • Slow oscillation provides even line lay with all types of line
  • Duragear brass gear for extended gear life
  • Everlast bail system for improved durability


NanoShield Spool: Provides a lightweight, corrosion resistant spool that is up to 50% lighter than a comparable aluminum spool.

One Piece Aluminum Gearbox: Allows the design of the reel to be much more compact, and helps to reduce the overall weight.

EVA KNOB: Flat EVA knob provide greater comfort and durability.

NanoShield Stem: Enables the stem to be up to 300% stronger than a comparable graphite stem, without the added weight of aluminum.

Carbon Matrix: Sealed Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range.

Model Gear Ratio Inches/Turn Retrieve Speed Spool Capacity (Mono) Spool Capacity (Braid) Weight (Oz) Hand Retrieve Max Drag (Lbs)
PRM10 5.2:1 25 Std 6 lbs. / 110 yds. 6 lbs. / 150 yds. 6.9 R or L 9
PRM20 5.1:1 27 Std 8 lbs. / 130 yds. 8 lbs. / 190 yds. 8.2 R or L 12
PRM30 5.8:1 33 Std 10 lbs. / 140 yds. 10 lbs. / 180 yds. 8.5 R or L 12
PRM40 5.8:1 33 Std 12 lbs. / 180 yds. 14 lbs. / 210 yds. 9 R or L 18

Video Transcription

It isn’t by chance that Abu Garcia continually delivers the next level of technology in our spinning reels. It’s by design. Introducing the Abu Garcia Revo Premier -a spinning reel so advanced that it redefines the foundations of reel technology. The Revo Premier harnesses the power of Abu Garcia’s ground breaking process nano shield technology creating components of up to 300% stronger than graphite and up to 50% lighter than aluminum.

The Nano Shield process used to create the spool and the stem of the Revo Premier is so dense and corrosion resistant – it’s the same process used to protect components inside of nuclear reactors. The Revo's nano shield particles are 1000 times smaller than other typical metallization particles combining to form a strong, corrosion resistant molecular exoskeleton. Abu Garcia is making science fiction a reality. To further demonstrate the strength of Nano Shield, the process can be applied to even the most delicate of objects – eliminating bending and flexing even under extreme pressure.

However strength and durability aren’t the only primary advances in Revo Premiers design. The patented carbon matrix drag system provides the ultimate experience in smooth drag. The components create consistent drag pressure when the need for total control is on the line - ensuring that you land your fish.

The Revo Premier features 11 high performance corrosion resistant bearings. The 11 HPCR bearings orchestrate the Revo’s perpetual motion, making its every revolution as smooth as it is precise.

Adding intelligence behind these features is a one piece aluminum gear box – a compact design that renders precise gear alignment for superior feel and an overall weight reduction of the reel. The Revo Premier by Abu Garcia… so advanced, it’s the only reel that deserves to be called a Revo.