Lightweight is all the rage in rod design, yet many designers ignore the most important factors of balance and strength. The Veritas series of rods provide extreme lightweight design and focus solely on the balance and compression strength anglers must have.

Nano Technology manipulates graphite on an atomic level for 2.5 times the impact resistance of standard graphite rods. Now you can count on your rod to stand up to nicks and dings that make other rods snap under pressure.


  • 30 Ton graphite with Nano Technology for decreased weight and increased compression strength
  • Titanium alloy guides with SIC inserts allow for a lightweight balanced rod
  • Abu designed extreme exposure reel seat for increased rod contact and sensitivity
  • One piece aluminum screw down hood creates a secure connection
  • High density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durability
  • Texas rigged hook keeper for all bait applications
  • Actions designed for fishing crankbaits
  • New models designed to match with Abu Garcia Revo Winch crank bait reels (VRCW model numbers)
  • New Micro-Guide system provides improved balance and sensitivity (M model numbers)

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Andrew Wheeler. I’m the product Manager for Abu Garcia. I’d like to speak to you today about the new Abu Garcia VERITAS series of rods. These are amazing feeling rods in your hand. So to get this great feeling rod, we are using 30 ton graphite material. It’s one of our key graphite materials that we use in a lot of our Abu Garcia rods. Great feeling – very sensitive and it transmits bites to the angler very easily. But incorporated into that 30 ton graphite material is nano technology. What that allows us to do is create a rod that is a lot lighter in the hand, very sensitive but it also stands up to nicks and dings a lot better than standard graphite rods do. So if you do whack it on a boat or hit it on a car door – it will resist up to 2.5 times more than a standard rod on breakage.

Also, this rod has titanium framed guides with silicon inserts. This gives you a nice lightweight guide that resists wear and tear. Also, you can see here that we’ve got a nice exposed reel seat. Again – for that extreme sensitivity for these rods - makes them very lightweight and very sensitive so the anglers can feel every bite.

There VERITAS family now has two new specialty rod series. The first one is the winch series. It has been specifically designed for crank bait fishing. When you compare the action of the VERITAS winch series to the VERITAS, they are much more powerful which is perfect for crank bait fishing. There are two models within the series – the first is a 7 foot medium which ideal for throwing smaller crank baits such as square bills. And the second is 7 foot 6 medium heavy which is excellent for throwing deeper style crank baits such as DD22s.

This series is also easy to tell apart from our regular VERITAS series. Just look for the winch call out on the reel series. Also if you are looking for the perfect crank baiting outfit – try matching the VERITAS winch series with the Revo Winch series of reels.

The second specialty series within the VERITAS family is the new Micro-Guide series. This series incorporates a micro-guide system which improves the sensitivity of the rod by increasing the contact points with the line. This allows for better bite transmission through to your hand. This system also reduces the amount of weight near the tip of the rod which improves the balance point making the rod feel lighter in your hand. Make sure you check out the VERITAS series of rods.