The Weld Mount Adhesive Fixture Dot Dispenser is a must have tool for fixing parts on to surfaces. It effectively holds the parts on vertical or horizontal surface to prevent sagging till the adhesive cures.

This adhesive fixture dot features unique high tack low profile, which allows you to easily fix this dot on to the backside of the component to hold it in place.  The dispenser contains 300 dots on release paper with a protective cap for lasting use. Each dots measures 3/8".

  • Prevents sagging during fastener installation
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures solid installation of fastener

Features of Adhesive Fixture Dot Dispenser

  • Holds parts on vertical or overhead surface without sagging
  • Unique high tack low profile – allows for easy for easy use
  • Aids for solid installation of fastener
  • Protective cap
  • 300 dots       
  • Dot size: 3/8"