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Air Pumps & Repair Kits How-To's

Inflatable Tube Pumps

Product Spotlight | Get "Pumped Up" - Use The Right Pump

People go boating for many different reasons. For you, your friends, kids or grandkids; one of the ultimately thrills is being pulled behind a boat in a Towable Tube.... read more People go boating for many different reasons. For you, your friends, kids or grandkids; one of the ultimately thrills is being pulled behind a boat in a Towable Tube. Towable Tubes

Tubes come in all different shapes and sizes for young thru adult to enjoy. Some tubes are designed for a gentle ride while others give you a heart pounding, pulse accelerating thrill ride. No matter what type of ride you want, tubing creates incredible memories.

Trends these days are to buy larger towables to accommodate more riders at one time. This saves gas not having to take kids individually and most kids prefer to ride together. As towables have become more expensive, you definitely want to understand one of the easiest steps to take care of your towable investment.

12v, 120v, and hand pumps

Make sure you purchase an air pump that are designed for inflatable towables, boats, air mattresses, and related products. These pumps are designed to provide a high air volume up to 3 PSI or smaller. Many of these heavy duty pumps have a pressure release valve that limits the output of the air pump to 1.4 PSI. Air pumps at the gas station are designed to provide very high pressure air flow far exceeding the 1.4 PSI recommendation. Many people purchase an expensive towable and then buy an air pump that will not properly inflate the towable to 1.4 PSI which is the recommended pressure for Airhead & SportsStuff products. Most 12v or 110 volt pumps only inflate towables to .6 - .9 PSI depending on the model.

You need to purchase the Heavy Duty air pump to make sure you reach the recommended pressure.

Pumping up an Inflatable Tube with Manual Pump

You may also want a hand pump to top off the towable after a few uses in the water. Cold water against the towable reduces the air pressure within the tube.

An under inflated towable is the single most cause for tube failures.

Pumping up an Inflatable Tube with Electric Pump

Click on this link to view a video that takes you through the quick and easy steps of inflation of a towable: Sounds boring but you might be amazed at what you learn about your towable and proper maintenance.

Towable Tubes will provide many years of fun and excitement if they are looked after properly.

Find the best online selection of KwikTek/AirHead tubes, pumps and accessories right here:

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