This care kit from Star Brite includes all essentials required to clean your aluminum boat or pontoon. It includes a cleaner that removes stains and prevents oxidation.

  • Easy removal of stains
  • Bright and protective finish  
  • Includes cleaners, polish, scrub pad, gloves, cotton diaper

The included polish offers the boat a bright and protective finish. Use the scrub pad to remove surface grime before applying the cleaner. Protect your hands using the provided latex gloves.

Features of Aluminum Pontoon Care Kit

  • 87732 aluminum cleaner
  • 87822 aluminum polish
  • Scrub pad and handle
  • Egyptian cotton diaper
  • Latex gloves


  • Manf. Part # 093300
  • Cleaner : 32 fl. oz and 22 fl. oz
  • Gloves: 1 pair