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    Apreamare shipyards boast an ancient marine tradition.
    Sorrento coast has always been one of the excellence centres for naval construction, and carpenters have created in the times, from generation to generation, a model of boat that has become a real “classic”: the Gozzo of Sorrento.

    The origins of the gozzo get lost faraway in the past.
    Its main characteristic, namely the double pointed hull with a very similar shape both in the bow and in the stern, is even the same of the boat that was found a few years ago under the ashes of the ancient Roman town of Ercolano.

    This first model of gozzo has remained basically unchanged, till a few years before the Second World War.
    The Lateen sail and oars ensured the propulsion of this boat. The pointed stern had a specific function. The fishing spot was reached by sailing. Once there, the boat was then pushed by stern-rowing, so that the stern became the workplace, as its particular structure guaranteed a better stability when the boat was still.
    Gozzo's were therefore workboats.

    It was only in the ‘30s that the gozzo of Sorrento underwent its first major evolution: motor propulsion.
    The first to be mounted were land engines taken from Fiat Balilla cars and American Jeeps. The stern volumes were increased and the gozzo found a new trim that confirmed it as the ideal and most favourite boat for seamen.

    That is how the interest of the first pleasure boaters for this kind of boat was born.

    Apreamare Gozzo's are real treasures, finished with craftmade care, and, at the same time, provided with the most advanced structural elements. A few models of these custom-built boats are made, and each one of them still needs the care of high skilled carpenters and shipwrights. The prototype boat is still today wooden made, and it is used for all navigation tests. From this “exclusive piece”, always very coveted, the mould for building the reinforced fiberglass hulls, completely hand-laminated, is taken.

    With Apreamare, a new generation of Gozzo's of Sorrento was born. The shipyard felt the need to keep the traditional feel of its Gozzo's while combining that traditional feel with a planing hull for faster speeds.

    Today, Apreamare is one of the most prestigious Italian sailing brands in the world, and it has a precise niche market among the lovers of luxury and exclusive boats.

    In order to face the continuous challenges of the market, in 2002, Apreamare and Ferretti Group started the works in the new manufacturing nautical district of Torre Annunziata (Naples), a new and modern shipyard covering an area of nearly 125,000 square metres, 60,000 square meters of which are under cover, for a total volume of approximately 10,000 square metres and 100 berths. It is also provided with a sea outlet canal and structures for coast safeguard, that are necessary for the development of the manufacturing activity, as well as for the protection of the coastal strip. Moreover, the new district will also be provided with a travel-lift that can be used on big boats. It will therefore allow to make sea tests comfortably and rapidly. In the district, there will also be haulages for Gruppo Ferretti’s boats. Apreamare shipyard production units will totally cover an area of, respectively, 5,700 and 2,300 square meters.

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