Want the best replacement parts for your boat trailer? From shock absorbers to master cylinders, you will find everything you need to replace damaged or worn-out parts of the boat trailer’s hydraulic brake. Atwood Hydraulic Brake Replacement Parts are genuine parts made of premium materials for durable use.

The replacement shock absorber comes as a complete kit including nuts and washers for quick set up. The replacement wheel cylinder is compatible with Atwood brake system and the master cylinder can be used with the Atwood hydraulic drum brake actuator. These high-quality replacement parts are easy to install and offer efficient performance.

  • Fit Atwood hydraulic trailer brakes
  • Genuine parts
  • Highly durable

Features of Atwood Hydraulic Brake Replacement Parts                                         

  • Replacement shock absorber comes in a complete kit including shock, nuts and washers
  • Replacement master cylinder works with Atwood hydraulic drum brake actuator
  • Replacement wheel cylinder mounts interchangeably on most axles from leading brands
  • Replacement wheel cylinder fits Atwood brake system and doesn’t require alterations in the mounting flange or axle
  • Replacement push rod assembly for Atwood hydraulic trailer brake actuator    
  • Cable retainer in replacement push rod assembly securely holds breakaway cable on top of actuator


Manf. Part # 85830

  • Type: Replacement shock absorber
  • Retracted:  8-1/4"
  • Extended: 11"
  • Compatibility: Actuators manufactured after 1980

Manf. Part # 85841

  • Type: Master cylinder replacement kit
  • Includes cork gasket and 4 mounting screws

Manf. Part # 21669

  • Type: Replacement wheel cylinder (one axle)

Manf. Part # 84258

  • Type: Boot replacement kit
  • Compatibility: For use with Atwood master cylinders

Manf. Part # 85852

  • Type: Replacement push rod assembly
  • Includes push rod, breakaway cable, master cylinder gasket and boot, master cylinder hardware, cable retainer, S-hook and spring cushion