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New 2013 Avalon Pontoons

New - 2013 - Avalon Pontoons Boats
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  • About Avalon Pontoons
  • About Avalon Pontoon Boats

    Our total commitment to making the finest pontoon boats in the world has brought you Avalon Boats.

    Avalon Boats are a beautiful composition of elements known to pontoon boating, along with over 30 years of pontoon boat manufacturing experience. The best construction, the most luxurious designs, and the largest list of unique standard features create a distinctly different, clearly superior pontoon boat, that will exceed your expectations. There is no need to compromise; you have found the pontoon boat you were looking for.

    Some called it crazy, but others called it smart marketing when President and CEO Jim Wolf of Avalon Pontoon Boats & Tahoe Manufacturing Inc. decided to start making long-distance voyages over rough seas on Avalon Boats. It started with a trip from Baltimore to the Florida Keys during the hurricane season in fall 2004. That was followed by a trip from Chicago to Mackinac Island, Mich., traveling the entire length of Lake Michigan, and the crew made a journey down the Mississippi River a few months later. The most recent was a trip from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to the Bimini Islands in the Bermuda Triangle. All trips were made to test and prove the durability of Avalon Pontoon Boats.
    The challenging Bimini expedition was made on a 27-foot Avalon Boat, and proved to be one of the most adventurous trips Wolf had ever taken. The seas definitely were not the best, he admits, but, we just wanted to show that our products will hold up in adverse conditions.

    The day before we left for Bimini, there were 15- to 20-foot waves, and even cruise ships were returning to port. Fortunately, the seas calmed down. We wanted to make an international trip to prove that Avalon Pontoon Boats are strong enough to handle that type of trip. The benefit we receive from going on these unusual trips is that it sets us apart from other companies even more.

    Wolf adds that these voyages allow employees to use the product personally and make changes and adjustments to the design of the pontoons based on their experiences. We�ve learned something different on every trip we�ve taken, he says. Even if it�s something as minor as adding a cupholder in a new place. It�s a great way to test our products and improve them as needed.

    The Alma, Mich.-based company manufactures pontoon boats, but also produces all the furniture and accessories in house. Its focus on pontoons sets it apart from competitors, many of whom manufacture many different types of boats.

    Pontoons are all we produce here and we�re very good at it, Wolf asserts. A lot of companies produce fiberglass boats and fishing boats ... they�re just not as focused as we are. We at Avalon Pontoon Boats have a wide breadth of products here, from 14-foot inexpensive, smaller pontoon boats up to 29-foot deluxe pontoons. Avalon Boats produces both low- and high-end pontoons and do virtually everything in-house.

    Wolf says the company can ensure a high-quality finished product because it performs in-house manufacturing, which is rare in the industry. Many manufacturers outsource many parts of the boat, he says. I know we can make these products better than someone else if we do it ourselves. We�re able to closely monitor quality and we can also produce the pontoons at a lower cost than our competitors by manufacturing them in-house.
    Avalon Pontoons passes its manufacturing savings onto its network of dealers, to give them a better price than competitors are able to offer. We need to bring something like this to the table, because there are probably 35 to 40 builders in the industry today the competition is certainly tough enough.

    Wolf says the company invests a great deal in technology to ensure its products remain innovative and high-quality. We�ve invested heavily in automatic equipment, such as routers and vinyl cutters to create consistent products, Wolf explains. We also use engineering and CAD software to make sure we can build each component to our high standards.

    Avalon Boats also strives to stay ahead of the competition in terms of innovations and product developments.

    Pontoon sales across the industry have been steady and are rising. Pontoons are the fastest-growing segment in the marine industry, Wolf explains. Our sales are up over.

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