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  • iboats Review of Avon Inflatables: Manufacturer of Avon Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB)

    Currently located in Llanelli, South Wales, Avon Inflatables has been manufacturing rigid inflatable boats since 1959. Avon is internationally known for their strong, intelligently crafted inflatables that have been taking the boating industry by storm for over half of a century. Each of these inflatables is hand-crafted and tested several times to confirm the highest levels of durability and resistance. Avon inflatables have many structural advantages that make them more versatile, maneuverable, and better performing; they are built to help beginners ease into the concept of handling an inflatable, and are simultaneously a great challenge for more advanced and experienced boaters. Safety is a primary concern at Avon Inflatables, so the manufacturers make sure to build their boats with stability and high buoyancy levels.

    The construction of an Avon inflatable is complex and unique. These boats are made with Hypalon coated fabrics, which are stronger and more wear and weather resistant. These fabrics are then layered with adhesives, fiberglass components, inflation valves, and polychloroprene CR materials. Avon combines these materials with light-weight hull designs to create an inflatable boat that has better fuel efficiency and can reach high speeds in a shorter amount of time. Avon inflatables are also constructed with six independent air chambers and built-in rowlocks to hold customized oars. These inflatable boats are built to withstand severe weather conditions, whether it is a hot summer afternoon or a cold winter day.

    The main Avon inflatable model is known as the Seasport Jet, which comes in three different lengths and styles: 330, 380, and 430. These models have many structural features that further enhance the overall quality and performance. Some of these features include: streamline buoyancy tubes, fiberglass V-hulls, grab handles, navigation lights, digital instrumentation, and so on. These boats range between 10 to 14 feet in length and hold up to six passengers, depending on the model and size. An Avon owner's manual is included with each inflatable, and there is a removable tube system for the 380 and 430 models. Avon inflatables have been consistently popular for over 50 years, and continue to meet the expectations of boat lovers world-wide.

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