The only combination boathook/bailer/power washer on the market today, this is truly a unique product. As a boat hook, this product is one of the most durable boat hooks you will ever own. From it's hook to it's anodized aluminum shaft only quality parts and materials are used in this product's construction. The telescopic pole collapses nearly in half for storage and automatically locks firmly in place when fully extended. Two non-slip grips ensure a solid hold when fending off from other boats or hauling in a mooring. As a bailer the 8' model drains nearly a quart per stroke, and reaches into spaces few bailers can. Simply place the hook under water and extend the Bazooka Bailer. Our piston draws the water up a small hole located at the end of the hook. Don't worry about the oil and scum found in the bottom of most bildges, unlike some rubber washers the nitrile piston is not broken down by such substances, instead they serve as a healthy dose of lubrication. Finally, as a power washer, water is expelled from the Bazooka Bailer approximately thirty six times faster than its operating speed, giving it a firing range of over 50 feet and the power to clean. The Bazooka Bailer is a handy product when cleaning hulls, cleaning decks or when you find yourself in a water fight!