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New 2012 Bentley Pontoon Boats

New - 2012 - Bentley Pontoon Boats
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    Whether you want to cruise the lake, enjoy fishing, tubing, or skiing, we make a pontoon that will meet all of your needs. We pride ourselves in producing the finest pontoon boat around.

    A Capacity plate is mounted on Bentley pontoon boats. The capacity plate states the maximum load your boat can carry and the motor’s maximum horsepower. Give yourself an added margin for safety in turbulent waters. On outboard boats, the plate shows maximum recommended horsepower for the outboard motor.

    The U.S. Coast Guard requires that a plate stating the maximum load capacity be affixed to boats up to 20 feet long. This plate shows the load in pounds (persons and gear) the boat can carry safely under normal conditions. The U.S. Coast Guard establishes these load capacity ratings. (Boats over 20 feet long are not subject to U.S. Coast Guard safe labeling requirements.)

    Equipment Manufacturer Manuals

    Bentley Pontoon Boats purchased various equipment and components from other manufacturers and installed them on your boat while it was being built. Most OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) have provided operation and maintenance manuals for your boat’s equipment. Keep the OEM manuals with your Owner’s Manual in a safe and accessible place. Be sure to pass them along to the new owner if your sell your Bentley pontoon.


    The boat owner is legally responsible for any damages or injuries caused by the boat. In most states this is true even if someone else is operating the boat when the accident occurs. You should carry adequate personal liability and property damage insurance on Bentley Pontoon boats as you do on your automobile. You should also protect your investment by insuring Bentley pontoon boats against physical damage or theft.

    Safety Gear and Equipment

    Before leaving on your Bentley pontoon, be sure that all required lifesaving and fire extinguishing equipment is on board. Periodically inspect all safety equipment to be sure it is in proper operating condition. Make sure all passengers know what safety equipment is on board, where it is, and how to use it.

    Shallow Water

    Operation in water too shallow for your boat presents a number of hazards to the propulsion system and the hull. If you strike anything at any speed, there is a risk of rupturing the hull, or damaging the propeller, propeller shaft, struts and rudder. Even if you do not strike the bottom or an obstruction, you run the risk of clogging your engine’s cooling water intakes with sand, aquatic weeds or debris. This also applies to deep water containing stump fields, sand bars or unmarked underwater obstructions. If you are unfamiliar with the area you are in, obtain a chart or ask local boatmen about depth conditions. Go slowly and keep a bow lookout when operating in shallow waters.


    Bentley Pontoon Boats are backed by a limited express warranty. The complete warranty is printed at the end of this section. It is important to understand all the terms of the warranty. If a problem arises with your boat, contact the dealer immediately to determine warranty coverage. When contacting your dealer, please have the model or serial numbers for the items needing repair readily available. Your boat’s hull identification number will also be needed. The hull identification number is below the stern casting on the starboard rear corner of Bentley pontoon boats.

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