Excellent 2-part metal primer ideally suited for corrosion resistance for bare metals. Long pot life, perfect for large surface area when steel & aluminum primer systems for corrosion control is required.

  • Excellent 2-Part Metal Primer
  • Ideally suited for Corrosion Resistance
  • Long pot life, perfect for Large Surface Area
  • Heavy Duty 2:1 Mix
  • Excellent Anticorrosive Substrate Primer for Steel & Aluminum

Strontium Chromate Primer 8004A / 8004B is an excellent 2-part metal primer ideally suited for corrosion resistance. Long pot life, perfect for large surface area, a heavy duty 2:1 mix. Excellent anticorrosive substrate primer for steel & aluminum.

Alternative Product Replacements For: Awlgrip Strontium Chromate

SUGGESTED USES: Aluminum & Steel first coat primer

COLORS: Light Yellow



SOLVENT TYPE: Xylene, High Flash Naphtha

VOC: 330 grams / liter


WEIGHT PER GALLON: 10 lbs. per gallon


COVERAGE: Theoretical coverage at two mils dry is 400 square feet per gallon, and recommended thickness of 4 mils dry would require 2 full coats. Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be taken into consideration.

VISCOSITY AT 75°F (24°C): 70-80 KU

AVERAGE DRY TIME 75°F: Dries to touch in 4 hours. Can re-coat in 6-8 hours maximum when overcoating with antifouling. If recoat window is missed, sand with 80 grit sandpaper and recoat.

RECOMMENDED REDUCER: Reduce with 974 Reducer as needed for proper flow and performance, 10% maximum.


RECOMMENDED FINISH: Modified Epoxy Hard or Ablative antifoulings

BARE FIBERGLASS: Degrease by wiping with a rag soaked in 973 Dewaxer. Sand with 80 grade (grit) paper. Remove sanding residue. Wipe with 973 Dewaxer.

BARE METAL: Surface should be blasted to bright metal. Remove all blast or sanding residue using a clean air line and sweeping with a clean brush or broom. Vacuum clean for best results. Apply primer within 1 hour of metal preparation. If blasting is not possible (or if more than 2 hours has passed since blasting) sand or grind with coarse emery cloth and apply 973 Dewaxer prior to paint application.

APPLICATION: Apply enough Strontium Chromate 80004K to reach a final Dry Film Thickness of 4 mils. This usually takes 2 coats but the amount of paint is more important than the number of coats. Airless Spray Pressure: 165 bar/2400 psi Tip Size: 0.44-0.53 mm/17-21 thou. Conventional Spray Pressure Pot: Pressure: 3.44-4.47 bar/50-65 psi (gun pressure); 10-15 psi (pot pressure). Tip Size: 1.5-1.8 mm/60-70 thou. Siphon Cup: Pressure: 3.44-4.47 bar/50-65 psi - gun pressure. Tip Size: 1.8-2.2 mm/70-85 thou. Brush Use a natural bristle brush. Roller Use a 1/4' - 3/8' nap solvent resistant roller.

POT LIFE: 4 hours

LIMITATIONS: Do not apply if material, substrate or ambient temperature is below 50 degrees F or above 95 degrees F.

SHELF LIFE: Minimum 36 months

MIXING: Mix 2 parts 8004 A Base and 8004B Curing Agent at the specified ratio of 2 parts 8004A Base and 1 Part 8004B Activator. Mix only as much as you can use in 30 minutes. Mix small amounts until application technique is developed. PACKAGE: 2 Gallon Kit (1 gallon 8004A Base, 2 quarts 8004B Activator)