Camo Tempress Boat Bench Seats

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48" Folding Boat Bench Seat, Vinyl Upholstery Break Up - Tempress
    The Tempress Bench Seat is the same that we make for our Boat Building Customers. It is made with a light weight corrosion proof aluminum frame back …
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    About Bench Seats

    Bench Seats For My Boat

    No bass boat is complete without a nice, comfy bench seat. Bench seats typically do not require pedestals, but mount directly on the deck surface. Several options are available to fit your preferances and particular boat. For example, the entire bench folds down on the Tempress 48' Bench. However, the Wise Blast-Off Tour Series allows you to mix and match different seat components to custom build your bench seat. All of the seat options at are durable and easy to install.