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Aqua Signal Deck Mount Boat Bow-Lights & Combo Side-Lights

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Series 24 Tell Tale Bi-Color Light - Low Profile (Aqua Signal)
Meets USCG requirements for vessels up to 65' (20m). 2 nautical mile visibility. Tell-tale indicator light gives the operator a visual indication of …
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Series 22 Bi-Color Light (Aqua Signal)
Vessels up to 39' (12 meters). Visibility is 1 nm. Compact design fits most boats. Stainless steel cap. Polycarbonate housing, lens and base. …
List price: $20.95
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Series 20 Powerboat Bi-Color Navigation Light (Aqua Signal)
Bi-color light for powerboats up to 39 feet (12 meters). Rigid polycarbonate housing. Visibility is 1 nautical mile. 12V, 5 watt bulb included.
List price: $34.95
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Series 33/34 Led Bi-Color Navigation Light (Aqua Signal)
USCG certified for vessels up to 65' (20m). 2 nautical mile visibility. Completely sealed and waterproof. Long life and low power consumption. 3.1" x …
List price: $85.95
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Hideaway Bi-Color Light (Aqua Signal)
The Aqua Signal 24 Navigation Light featuring an innovative flip-up design is designed for use in boats up to 65'. This bow-mount light has 2 colors …
List price: $147.95
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5 Items
Boating Know How
How to safely boat at night

How to Safely Boat at Night

This video will explain the safest ways to boat at night. ... read more

Video Transcript

Hey everybody its Rob Nelson here. Now if you have a boat and you’re going to go out at night, you need to make sure that you’re very familiar with how those lights work. You’ve got lights on the front, you’ve got lights on the back, sometimes lights on the side. And not only is it important for you to know your lights, you’ve got to know what those color combinations mean when you’re looking at another boat. So check out this little video clip.

Navigation lights! Besides the obvious of helping boats see each other at night, each light plays a role in navigation. All boats use a white light when under power or anchored. Depending on the boat, this is either an all-around white light or separate mast head or Stern lights. And they are colored lights to. Those green and red sidelights on the bow or sides of the boat give us information about how to navigate around other boats. The red light indicates a boat port or left side, the green is the boat’s starboard or right side. If the red and green lights are not visible and we only see a white light, the boat is anchored or headed away from us.

Now if you like that little clip than you might actually want to watch all of our videos, which you can do at It’s a site where you can get certified in boat safety. Which is important your boating right. And of course everybody leave comments. We would love to hear from you. Thanks for watching.

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