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Stainless Steel Fender Locks
    Stainless steel construction, adjustment peg, and fastening screw insure many years of dependable service in the harsh marine environment. The "one- …
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    Boating Know How
    boat fender bracket
    Fender Brackets by Taylormade (Video)
    See a boat fender bracket presented by Taylormade. ... read more

    Video Transcript

    This is our deluxe stainless steel Fender Bracket. This bracket is going to be permanently attached to your boat where you want to mount your fenders so you got to do a little work in preparation before you install these. The idea is each boat under your normal docking situation, you'll know where those fenders need to be or pretty close to where they need to be. Now you want to be sure of that before you decide on the locations for this fender bracket. I'm going to show you how to pick that point and how to install this in just a minute.

    Okay so now we've picked this spot on the boat where the fender is going to be mounted. Now we're on this side looking we've got a nice position here on this boat to take the bracket portion of our fender adjuster. Position it the way we want it and try to keep it horizontal. Mark the two bonding location holes and now we're going to need our power drill and a1/8 inch drill bit.

    Alright I finished drilling all the holes. A couple words of advice since I'm drilling to fiber glass, drill straight and drill slowly with a nice sharp drill bit. As you go through and it starts to break into the gel coating, just let the drill do the work. Don't push a lot because you don't want to get those little spider-web cracks from the holes.

    Once your holes are drilled, it doesn't hurt to take a Phillip-type screw driver or something like that and just go in and radius that edge of the fibre glass just a little bit. In the long run, it will help maintain the nice look of your gel coat.

    Okay what's left now is to secure the bracket onto the boat with a tube number ten by 1 in a quarter screws enclosed with the bracket. Get them snug but don't over tighten. Included with the bracket is this solid stainless steel cast eye. The eye is slotted so that when it drops into the bracket it goes in one way and can't go back up out.

    So to secure your fender, simply put the rope through. Slide it in place. Adjust the fender to the height you need and tie it up to secure. When you want to remove it, it's a simple matter of turning the eye, pulling it up out of the bracket and the fender comes right off to be stowed inside your boat.

    A less expensive alternative to our cast stainless steel fender bracket is our model 10/10. This is a stainless stamp bracket and it comes with an injection-molded peg instead of the stainless one. This is for smaller fender applications and uses up to a quarter-inch diameter rope.
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