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Maintenance How-To's

Seasonal Boat Maintenance

Seasonal Boat Maintenance

It is not a secret that boats require a lot of maintenance at all times of the year. Often, boaters live under the impression that boats need maintenance checks only ... read more during the summer, or only during the winter. However, boats are constantly in need of upkeep and repair, not just during one time of the year. The best times of the year to perform a thorough inspection and make repairs on your boat would be in the fall (after the boating season) and the spring (pre-boating season). Different areas should be checked depending on the season. Here are some tips and recommendations to follow during specific seasonal checkups.

Fall Maintenance
  • Apply anti-freeze through the entire engine cooling system
  • Change oil and filters
  • Grease up all metals, fittings, and throttle linkages
  • Disconnect all hose connections and drain the fresh water system (sinks, water heaters, livewell tanks, showers, etc.)
  • Apply water/plumbing products with non-toxic anti-freeze
  • Add fuel stabilizer to fuel tanks
  • Fog the engine with rust prevention solutions

Spring Maintenance
  • Apply gear lubricant to the engine/lower unit
  • Spot check all hoses, belts, shifting and miscellaneous areas
  • Adjust the idle speed
  • Inspect all oil lines and clean the oil filter(s)
  • Take the vessel out of storage area or off of the trailer and thoroughly clean the bottom of the hull
  • Reconnect all water system connections, and then purge fresh water into the system and fill the water tank

*We do recommend consulting with a technician or local dealer if anything seems out of place or looks like it needs professional repairs performed. We also recommend this if you are new to the boating scene.

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Spring Maintanence

Spring Maintenance Checklist

There is a lot required when preparing your boat for the summer season. Spring is the perfect time of year to begin your ... read more inspections and repairs on your boat and engine. No area should be left unchecked in this process.

Items You Will Need:
  • Anodes
  • Caulk
  • Air Filter
  • Lubricants
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Distilled Water
  • Rigging Tape
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • Hydraulic Fluid

Getting Started
  • Reinstall and fully charge batteries, if required
  • Open and close seacocks and double clamp hoses
  • Check for rusting
  • Check all lights
  • Check VHF/GPS connections
  • Test pumps/plumbing
  • Make sure the boat has plenty of life jackets and other safety equipment

  • Inspect for cracks, tears, or wear
  • Check hydraulic trim fluid level (change it if you did not change it in the fall/autumn)
  • Check lower unit lubricants
  • Clean/replace the air and fuel filters
  • Change engine oil if not done previously
  • Check engine belts
  • Inspect water pumps
  • Replace impellers and any other worn down cooling parts
  • Examine exhaust manifolds
  • Test the bilge blower

*Consult with a technician or local dealer if you are new to this or feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar with any of these processes.

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