Stainless Steel Boat Masthead Lights

See Boat Navigation Light Requirements here


Retrofitting from Incandescent fixture to LED fixture:
Unlike incandescent lights, LED lights (light emitting diodes) are polarity sensative and will not operate if terminals (wires) are reversed. If an LED light doesn't work using the original fixture, the light can be tested by touching wires connected to a 12v battery source to the connectors on the end of the pole. If the LED does not emit light, reversing the wires will activate the light 99% of the time. Should the LED light have reversed polarity, the fixtures wires will need to be reversed; a reasonable modification on most boats. does not accept returns for LED pole lights that lack functionality based on reversed polarity. 

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Seachoice Masthead Light
    Features:All-Round white light. Fixed mount 360° clear lens. Stainless steel. 1-1/2"H, 2-5/16" Dia. Mounting Hole: 3/4". Masthead Light Diameter: …
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