Star Brite Mildew Control Boat Mildew Remover

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Mildew Stain Remover
Removes mildew stains on contact. Easy to use. Simple spray on/wipe off application Use on vinyl covers, headliners, cushions etc. Works like magic. …
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No Damp Dehumidifier
Dries air to prevent mildew odor and musty odors Unique inner basket design increases efficiency and life of unit 12 oz. container treats 900 cu. ft. …
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Boating Know How

Boat Winterizing 101

Preventing & Eliminating Odor

One of the main tasks to achieve when putting a boat into seasonal storage is preventing the formation of foul odors.  Star brite has the two most effective tools that have become the marine industry standards for winterization: MDG Mold/Mildew Odor Control Systems and No Damp dehumidifiers.

MDG Mold/Mildew Odor Elimination Systems utilize Star brite’s patented, EPA-registered Clo2 generator system. MDG products produce a vapor that completely permeates the treated area to eliminate existing odor and prevent the formation of new foul smells. Unlike traditional air fresheners that can only mask bad smells, MDG actually eliminates the odor at the source. The Slow Release system maintains air quality for the winter season, while the Fast Release system works overnight. For best results, deploy a Fast Release system in the boat when it has been shrink-wrapped to eliminate any existing odor, and at the same time also deploy the Slow Release system to prevent the formation of odor during long-term layup. Each MDG bag treats an area of up to 1,000 c.f. (use one for every 10’ of LOA).

Clo2 is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, fungicide, algaecide, slimicide and deodorizer. It has proven effective in the elimination of bacteria that cause odor, ranging from spoiled food to cigar smoke to smells caused by animals. Manufactured at Star brite’s Montgomery, Alabama facility, MDG systems generate Clo2 in the form of a deep-penetrating vapor that treats all areas of the boat’s interior, reaching behind furniture and fixtures and into all hard-to-reach sections to eliminate and prevent foul odors. The Fast Release MDG will deodorize boats overnight, completely removing musty, moldy, mildew odor, leftover food smells, cigarette odor, pet smells and all other unpleasant odors. Another major advantage of Clo2 technology is that it does not leave behind a harmful residue on the surfaces treated. Unlike other air-care products that are only capable of masking odors with a perfume, MDG systems actually remove the offensive smells, leaving only clean air behind, making them the best choice for protecting stored boats, RVs or other enclosed areas.

Dry the Air

The industry standard for chemical dehumidifiers, Star brite’s No Damp products actively attract and collect excess airborne moisture in order to help prevent the formation of foul odor, mildew and damage caused by excessive moisture in an enclosed environment such as a stored boat. Unlike most dehumidifiers whose active ingredients are in the form of cheap “flakes,” No Damp uses Marine Grade pellets which are significantly more effective at attracting moisture. The No Damp system consists of a container that attracts moisture into the pellets, collecting it in a reservoir for easy disposal in the spring. For applications where the boat may be moved or where the chance of spills must be completely eliminated, the No Damp Hanging Bag is the best solution, owing to the integrated, no-spill reservoir and built-in hook that allows it to be used anywhere on the boat.   

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