Towing Whips are the very best answer when it comes to towing smaller craft behind a larger vessel like a yacht, sailboat or houseboat. The Towing Whips take the guesswork out of securing tenders, inflatables and PWCs.

The system consists of a stainless steel flush-mount base which is attached to the transom or swim platform and holds the solid, flexible fiberglass whip with tip. A line at the whip''s end connects to the towed vessel''s transom keeping it away from the larger vessel. Another line, at the whip''s base, affixes to the front of the towed craft applying tension to the whip and securing it at a safe distance from the tow boat.

Each kit comes with everything you need for a complete installation:

  • Two Stainless Steel flush mount bases.
  • Two 1" diameter solid fiberglass whips with tips.
  • Two whip cleats for line adjustment.
  • All necessary hardware and lines.
  • Complete installation instructions.

Boat mounted models are the same as the Tow models except include 13/16" dia. solid fiberglass poles; for lighter duty applications. Marina models are the same as the Tow models except include a single pole & base and are primarily used for temporary mooring under specific situations.

  • #99082 Mooring Whip Marina (Model M-18)
  • #99083 Mooring Whip Marina (Model M-14)
  • #99084 Mooring Whip Tow System (Model T-36)
  • #99085 Mooring Whip Tow System (Model T-18)
  • #99086 Mooring Whip Boat Mount 16'' (Model B-160)
  • #99087 Mooring Whip Boat Mount 14'' (Model B-140)
  • #99088 Mooring Whip Boat Mount 8'' (Model JS-80)