Starboard 1 nm Boat Navigation Lights

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Stainless Steel LED Boat Sidelight, Green - Attwood
A NEW LEVEL OF EFFICIENCY Attwood presents the most energy efficient LED navigational lights in the world. Through the use of proprietary optical …
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Perko 1nm Sidelight With Flag Staff Socket
The Perko Sidelight is an attractive and durable addition to your boat, thanks to its zinc alloy construction and shiny chrome-plated finish. This …
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Stainless Steel Boat Bow Tear Drop Lights - Seasense
Red & green navigation lights have a stainless steel recessed housing with rubber gasket and colored lens. The 12 volt, 8 candle power bulb meets …
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Pulsar™ Boat Sidelight, Raised Base, Green Starboard - Attwood
Ideal for use where the light must be elevated for visibility above rails and carpeting. Notch in rear of mounting base provides passage for wire …
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Vertical Surface Mounted Boat Side Light (pair) 12V - Perko
Sold as pair Die-cast zinc alloy, polished chrome plated finish. Length overall is 5-1/2", height overall 3-1/8", projection 1-3/4". Red and green …
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Aqua Signal Starboard Side Mount Light, Green
Dimensions: 3.03"W X 2.08"H X 1.41"D For use on powerboats & sailboats up to 39' (12 M). 1 nm visibility Prewired With 4" Leads. Fresnel Lens. …
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Aqua Signal Navigation Deck Mount Starboard Light, Green
Dimensions: 1.92"W X 2"H X 2.48"D For use on powerboats & sailboats up to 39' (12 M). 1 nm visibility Prewired With 4" Leads. Fresnel Lens. Housing …
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Aqua Signal Starboard Light, Green
For power and sailboats up to 39' (12M). Voltage: 12V, 24V Wattage: 10W All housing parts are non-magnetic polycarbonate. Special 10 watt festoon …
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Horizontal Mount (Pair) - Perko
For use on sail or power driven vessels under 12 meters (39.4 ft.) in length. 1-mile visibility. Chrome plated brass top with Black plastic base. …
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Aqua Signal Starboard Side Light, Green
For boats up to 39'. 1 mile visibility. Compact design fits most boats. 2-1/4" dia., 1-5/8" high. Stainless cap. Polycarbonate housing, lens and …
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Inverted Base-Up Mount Economy Pontoon Boat Sidelight - Perko
Most popular OEM light, non glare black plastic Small footprint, 1-7/8" high, with 1-1/8" x 3" base Does not encourage tying onto with dock lines …
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TH-Marine 1nm Shark Eye Recessed Side Lights
Add these stylishly designed T-H Marine Shark Eye Recessed Side Lights to your boat for a more attractive look. This side lights come in a recessed …
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Featuring a chrome-plated brass construction, the Perko 1 NM Side Light looks stylish and offers durable use. It includes a black polymer base for …
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Infographic: Boat Navigation Lighting Requirements
Visual aid on USCG requirements on boat lighting. ... read more

Boat navigation lighting is not only there to protect the passengers on a boat, but they are also required by law if you plan on taking the boat out on the water in the evening. Navigation lights allow other boaters to understand the position and direction of your boat when it's dark outside. According to the United States Coast Guard, the size (length) of the boat determines what type of navigation lights that should be use.

If the boat is smaller that 13 meters (39.37 feet), the boat must have a red, green and all-around lights. These three lights will be found on the bow (2 lights) and aft (1 light) of the boat. A bi-colored boating navigation light is for the bow and the all-around navigation light will be on the back or center of the boat body. The bi-colored light will be at a 225 degree spread and the all-around light will be a 360 degree spread light.

If the boat is about 13 meters (39.79), the boat must have red and green lights on the side of the boat, a masthead light and a stern light. The red and green lights will be on the side of the boat with 112.5 degree spread. The aft side of the boat will have a white 225 degree masthead light and white 135 degree stern light.

It is paramount to follow these requirements for the safety they provide and to prevent problems.

If you have any questions call 1-800-914-1123.

Infographic on boating navigation and horn sound communication

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Boat Lighting - Aqua Signal Hideaway BiColor Light (Video)
A video presentation on Aqua Signal Hideaway BiColor Light ... read more

Video Transcript

Welcome to Aqua Signal’s video series entitled More Than Light. Our goal is to provide you with features and benefits of Aqua Signal’s world renowned lighting products for the marine industry. Today we will review one of Aqua Signal’s unique designs of navigation lights that will assure long lasting safety for you and your boat. The Aqua Signal’s exclusive design is the Hideaway Bi-Color Navigation ight. Its unique design allows you stow the light when not in use, which provides additional safety and helps ensure that your bow light will last for years to come.

Some of the most common causes of bow light breakage on the deck are from boaters accidentally tripping or kicking the bow light causing the lens to break. In addition a common concern is ropes and dock lines getting tangled around the light causing a potential safety hazard for you and your passengers.

I will demonstrate some of the exclusive features of this product. The light is in its stowed position as it would be during daylight or when the boat is not in use. In its stowed position there is no longer a safety concern about tripping or kicking the light or dock lines getting tangled. In addition when the light is not in use, the lens and other components are now protected from damage providing for maintenance free performance. When night time comes you just flip over the light and an automatic weather proof switch turns the light on. The design also incorporates the tell-tale feature which is an indicator light that lets the operator know whether the light is on or not. Lastly the light housing is made from 3/16 stainless steel which makes it truly resistant to salt water corrosion and other common cause of failure of other competitive lighting products.

The Aqua Signal Hideaway design is US coast guard approved for visibility up to 2 nautical miles. It is approved for power boats up to 65 feet. If your boat is equipped with port and starboard split design, ask Aqua Signal how this design can be modified for your application. Installation is easy but it will require an oval cutout on your deck that can be easily accomplished with common cutting tools. Make sure you tape the area of the gel coat that will be cut to prevent splintering. The light comes with a template to assure the proper size of the required cutout. Once the hole is cut the balance of installation is easy, it should only take a couple of minutes. The light also comes with 2 molded rubber silicone gaskets to assure a waterproof seal. For more information on Aqua Signal’s Hideaway Navigation light part number 24600 as well as other Aqua Signal’s world renowned designs of navigation light and interior lighting for marine industry. Visit our website at or call us at (847) 639-6412. That concludes this video presentation of Aqua Signal’s Hideaway Navigation light. We thank you for watching and see you next time on Aqua Signal’s More Than Light video series.
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