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Boat Power Trim, Steering & Engine Fluids

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Seastar Hydraulic Oil & Fill Kit
Seastar Hydraulic Oil and Fill kit from Teleflex Marine.
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Engine Coolant
Volvo Penta coolants, contain many protective additives that minimize wear, mop up soot, sludge and metallic particles, neutralize acids, trap water …
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CRC Dry Lube With Ptfe
Dry lube with DuPont PTFE technology. Micro-thin film penetrates and bonds to metals, wood, rubber and plastic. Dries fast. Lubricates and helps …
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Descaling Engine Flush
Designed to safely and quickly remove scale, calcium deposits, corrosion, salts and carbon buildup in your engines cooling and wet exhaust systems. …
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Power Trim & Tilt Fluid
Formulated for high operating pressure. Anti-foam additives assures uniform flow with reduced air contamination in hydraulic systems. Designed for …
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Mallory Power Trim & Tilt Fluid
Tilt and Trim Fluid for Mercury Marine
List price: $7.88
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Star Brite Pro Star Ultra Hi-Performance Trim & Tilt Fluid
High tech formulation significantly outperforms traditional trim and tilt fluids. Provides unsurpassed protection against wear and ensures maximum …
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CRC Starting Fluid
For diesel and gasoline engines. Economical fluid assures fast starts in cold or humid weather. Effective to -65°F. Prolongs battery and starter …
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Hydraulic Oil
List price: $23.99
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Star brite3/4® worked with the world3/4's leading formulators of coolant additives to develop a product that significantly outperforms …
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Power Trim, Tilt & Steering Fluid (Lubrimatic)
Formulated to provide the viscosity and lubricity necessary to insure proper pump performance and seal life. Combats high operating pressures and …
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White Ptef Lubricant (Starbrite)
Super adhesion - special Teflon formula will not wash off. Impervious to salt and fresh water. Protects from -65°F to 650°F. Reduces wear, …
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