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Megaware KeelGuard (Video)
A video presentations on the Megaware KeelGuard ... read more

Video Transcription

We al love our boats, the fun making all those incredible memories. Yet we often overlook the most abused spot on the craft - the keel. There are hidden oyster beds, sand, reef... in fact, just beaching grinds away fiberglass and gel coat just like that! So do yourself and your boat a favor - opt for the keel protector that comes with a lifetime warranty. Megaware KeelGuard it'll give you peace of mind and protect your valuable investment for years to come.
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skegguard for boats
SkeyGuard Tip from Gegaware Keelguard (Video)
A video presentation by Ship Shape TV on the SkegGuard Tip from Gegaware Keelguard. ... read more

Video Transcript

[Host] Here’s today’s very first one which also happens to center around the outboard engine is with David Shumway from Megaware Keelguard. David, take it away.

[Narrator] Take a look at how much mental is now missing off the skeg on this motor. The owner of this boat only has about an inch or two left and that’s it.

[David] Hi I’m David Shumway president of Megaware Keelguard. As a boater you worry about hitting something underwater. Trees can fall along the shoreline, logs can surprise you as they traveled downstream or with lower water levels rocks or big chunks of concrete that once were too deep to be a problem now pose a dangerous threat. Then there is the accident ramp dragging or when parking the skeg gets hit and bent. This is why our company has designed a simple and economical solution to skeg repair. This is our Megaware skeg guard. It is constructed of high quality Marine grade 3/16 stainless steel with a mirror like finish that will withstand much more damage and abrasion than the traditional skeg that you started out with.

Installing one is really easy. Simply slide it over the remaining part of the skeg using a rubber mallet if needed. You would need a minimum of about one or two usable inches of the original skeg to attach to. Then once it’s lined up, simply drill 2 quarter inch holes through the skeg using the holes in the skeg guard as your guide. Next take the mounting hardware that’s included in the kit and with the 2 Allen wrenches secure them into place. You will notice that the mounting hardware has already been pre-dipped in a thread locker ensuring that your new skeg guard stays secure. You might also notice this skegware tab at the bottom of the skeg guard. It provides additional strength and reinforcement where the skeg is most vulnerable. It also has a drain hole to keep water from collecting and becoming stagnant or freezing. And the skeg guard is very affordable at less than $100. It’s a lot less expensive than welding on a new skeg and eliminates the heat that can be generated when welding.

If you would like to know more about our skeg guard and find an application that fits your particular motor, please log on to and give you boat the edge.

[Narrator] Ship shape TV the world leader in boat improvement.
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