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Rotary Cables How-To's

boat steering cable

How to Replace a Boat Steering Cable (Video)

Learn how to replace and put on a new boat steering cable, presented by Terry Stevens ... read more

Video Transcript

I got a 1992 Nitro. I have got to replace the cables, two cables. So I decided to make a video as I am doing it. Underneath these bolts, take these out first. There are bars on here. Take those bars out. I think I am going to mark where it’s been, what goes where, and we will see how we make out there.

Phase one. As you see, I took the bolts off. This was taking me too close here. There we go! This wild thing up here, the one gear, and we will sit it on top like that. I had this plate; this plate right here that was on the top of it.

So once I get those bolts, I am able to pull this out now. What I am going to do is I am going to back and unbolt the front of back. On top here, I do not know if we could see. That is the gear, where the teeth here that grabs. It is like a wild gear. Something like that.

I am back here! It looks like I take these screws off right here. Take this off, and this off right here. I think I’m going to leave this one. I’m going to try to leave this one right here. Let us zoom out, so you can see what I am talking about. I am going to leave that there a little bit. If I can get it out without taking that all, that would be fabulous. But if I have to, I have to take it off and then, back this out. Here, you would not believe this one. I may have too, but I will see.

As I said, this is my first time doing this. I decided to record it. Just in case somebody else needs helping, a little guidance in doing it, that’s the way I learned.

So far, I cannot get the cable out. We’re going to have to move my motor. When I do this, we got to take this off. Here, I already loosen the bolts. Once you take this off, it has got a little cap here, and I have to get those eye things. I screwed down on this in the outer. It has an eye on it, a ring on it. But that’s where I’m at so far, see I could not get it out. I got to get a hoist in with my motor. It is still chucking away.

Two things I want to go over. When you get it out, what you want to do is tie a rope on here, so when you pull it through, you pull it out. When you pull it back in, you try to rope back in. I mean, you try to rope on the ends so you can snake it through.

Down here when I go to lift my motor, I was able to get that without lifting my motor. I do not know about the other one. But to put it back in, I might have to lift my motor. I have got to take this bolt off, and this one right here.

If I take it off, I got to scrape this off and put more silicone on there. I do the same to the other side as far as I see. Another important note is when you take the boat motor off, a friend of mine has told me, “To leave the motor connected, so when you put it back on, if you need to adjust up and down, you can.”

That is it for right now. Okay. What happened was, I ordered a new cable, but I have a Morse cable. I guess Teleflex bought out Morse. So what I have to do now, I had to take out the helm. See an empty hole there? That was this! This is the old one.

Check that out. This is the new one that is going in, and this is a steering device here. This new cable, they had steadied two separate cables, and has two coming out. One right there. It goes there, and the two comes together. It comes out there. I am going to put that on now. And now, pick back up on it once I get it on there.

Okay, I got my helm on. That took the old piece off because this is an old helm right here. It was just right here. It was just a stem and you know what to do with it. After investigating, I found that I had to take this part off and put it back on here because of my steering wheel.

Big hole! Where is it? Big hole. This is a big hole and I do not know how to get any this off. I figured it out that you had to out this piece back on there. And now, I am going to put my helm on, this part right here.

That is going to go off on top of this. You can see it on top of this. Right there. T-screws. Four screws go on top. I got my motor head and move it a little bit to get the cable on. Just one thing I noticed, it did not go all the way through. So I guess right there—we’ll see. It didn’t go all the way through. Right here-- the other one.

I am guessing that once I get the helm on, that once I turn the wheel that will be all pushed right out there and I can secure it. That is it for now! You all see a beautiful thing. Turn one hand. One hand. Look at that. One hand. That is a beautiful thing. That’s a bit about it. Good luck on changing your cables yourself. Right now you got skills, so you do not need luck.
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