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Safety At Sea Series
Tip! One of the best safety tips is to file a 'float plan' before you leave the dock & leave it with the dock master or your boat neighbor with …
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boating and drinking

Drinking and Boating (Video)

Alcohol is the leading cause of fatalities in boating accidents. Boating responsibly is the key to keeping you and your crew safe. Presented by Boating Magazine. ... read more

Video Transcipte

[Speaker 1] It’s a lovely day on the water, looking forward to getting the crew back together though. How about you?

[Speaker 2 -Robert] Ah yeah, should be a good time. At least for my crew.

[Speaker 3] Hey, thanks for inviting us. I can’t wait to get out there

[Speaker 1] Yeah, you guys want a cold refreshment?

[Speaker 3] Hey Robert, you wouldn’t have a soda would you?

[Speaker 2 -Robert] Sure.

[Speaker 3] Thanks Robert.

[Speaker 2 -Robert] Hey where are Brad and Erin?

[Speaker 3] Oh, they are on their way now

[Speaker 1] Hey Brad come on, I’m all ready.

[Speaker 4 -Brad] Ah, I think I’ll pass. Robert throw me an orange juice.

[Speaker 5 – Erin] I’ll take one too if you can spare it.

[Speaker 2 -Robert] Alright! [Narrator] Alcohol is a leading cause of fatalities in boating accidents.

[Speaker 1] Burps.

[Narrator] This adds a whole new meaning to the expression bottoms up, doesn’t it? Remember, boat responsibly.

Video courtesy of Boating Magazine. See them at
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