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Installing a Tekonsha® P3™ brake system (Video)
How to Install a Tekonsha® P3™ brake system, presented by Tekonsha ... read more

Video Transcript

If this is your first installation please listen for a moment to some important tips. Locate the mounting position on the face of the dash in the most convenient position possible and within easy reach. Performance braking controls are directional. This means that the back of the control must be positioned towards the front of the vehicle or in the direction of travel.

Many brake controls have a primary operating range; nose up or nose down. Refer to your installation instructions for the range that applies to your control. Most newer vehicles have a brake control vehicle plug-In point located in the primary electrical harnessed under the dash. Use the vehicle’s specific wiring harness sometimes provided by the automobile manufacturer or available separately from your brake control supplier to connect the brake control wiring. Then plug it in under the dash.

If your vehicle is older or it does not provide a plug-in point, use the generic wiring instructions provided with the brake control or see your dealer for installation details. If you have questions please refer to the owner’s guide or give us a call.

Thanks for watching. We’ll see you on the road.
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