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Boat Trailer Bearings
How to Change Boat Trailer Wheel bearings (Video)
How to change the wheel bearings on your boat trailer, presented by Rusty Stainless ... read more

Video Transcript

Rusty Stainless here. We’re going to have a look at this wheel bearing it’s a dead easy job. So let’s get stuck into it. Okay the first thing we’re going to do is take this cap off. And you can see there is a bit of a lip there. If we can we will prize it off using something like a screwdriver to get it off. But if it doesn’t come off easy, we get a hammer and we tap around it. And off it comes.

Very greasy job this one so have plenty of rags about. There is a split pin in here, we’re going to take that out. And there is a nut under there. I’m going to wipe the grease off and get that nut off. Then we’ll be able to pull the whole hub out.

As we begin to pull the wheel off you can see that old wheel bearing is coming out there. So I’ll just get that out. So this is a stub axle, this is the inner bearing and the seal there. So just looking at those bearing even the pitting on eachof those rollers is enough to change it. But most of all look at that one smashed gone.

Okay so now what type of bearing was that? What type of bearing do we need to go to the shop and buy? Well one of the ways they determine it is the axle. And if we look at this axle it’s a 45 mil square axle. Some are 39 mil round, they are different sizes. Alright now here’s a tough little job. We got to get these cones out. These ones are old and scoured. There is one inside at the back and this is the front one. To get them out I’m using this long punch. I’m getting in there and I’m given it a good whack with the hammer, I’m working away around and that will push those out. Don’t be afraid to get in and give it a good hit.

Now I took the old cups out and I have put the new cups in. I use a block of wood first to knock it down first and then it’s seated in very tight now. And if I tilt over you can still see I have got a couple of millimeters or I don’t know a 1/4 of an inch or 1/8 of an inch to go there. So I’m just going to keep tapping it down until it seated all the way down in.

Now these new bearings they have got to be packed with grease and shoved in so it’s right in through those holes, getting right through both sides. This is a dirty job, have plenty of rags on hand.

So now we have the inner bearing on and the seal on there. Now put an extra bit of grease on, put the hub with the wheel on now. So finally I have got it all back together. The nut’s on, the pins through the hole. Dabbed a bit more grease on there. The last thing to do is put the cap back on. You don’t fill the cap with grease, but you can put a little bit of grease in it. Of course if you fill the cap with grease there is a big nut kind of going there so you want to get it on. And then you just slip that on and you tap it in and job done, too easy.
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