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About Trailer Wheels & Rims
When it comes to boating, there are those who dock there boat at the lake, and there are others who use a trailer to transport their boat to and from the water. There are several elements to a trailer. One of those elements is a wheel.Boat trailer wheels and rims are an extremely important part of a trailer and must be present for the trailer to be operable. Many people wonder what the difference is between a wheel and tire. A wheel is the metal or steel, circular piece that is attached to the trailer axle. The tire is the circular rubber piece that surrounds the wheel allowing for the movement of the trailer by the axle turning the wheel and tire. Needless to say, without trailer rims/wheels, you're not going to travel very far. In fact, you probably won't even make it out of your driveway.

Here at iboats, we offer several different types of boat trailer wheels and rims such as steel and chrome that are proven to be sturdy and strong. The type of trailer wheels range from solid center to 8 spoke rims. They are designed by top manufacturers such as Loadstar. The wheels on a trailer are built to withstand heavy loads over a long period of time. They are also designed to be submerged in water for launching and pulling your boat out of the water and to resist rusting and oxidation from corrosion. Here at iboats, we offer a large variety of top-quality trailer rims and wheels at a price that is hard to beat.


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