Boat Trim Tabs & Planing Accessories

About Trim Tabs & Planing Accessories

Placement of Your Tabs Before purchasing trim tabs, make sure there is room to place the tabs. Check the design of the transom and measure for clearance around swim platforms or ladders. You'll need at least 12 inches along the bottom of the boat and 12 inches vertically from the point in the center of the tab.


Installation of Your Tabs While your local dealer can install trim tabs for you, just about anyone who is handy with a drill and screwdriver can install trim tabs. Bennett Marine designs trim tabs so that the average do-it-yourself boater can handle the installation in an afternoon. Depending upon the size and construction of the boat, it should take about 4 or 5 hours for installation.


Determining Trim Tab Size Installing undersized trim tabs is one of the more common mistakes. A tab that is too small will have to be deflected more in order to create sufficient lift. Just remember, the larger the trim tab, the more lift it will produce with the least amount of drag. Use our Sizing Guidelines and then search trim tab options based on your kind of boat.