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Hydroslide Approach Comfort-Top 60" 2-Person Ski Tube
    60" tapered deck towable. Tapered deck makes getting back on the towable much easier. Edge to edge comfort top covered surface provides a soft, …
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    About Tubes & Towables

    Want a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy the water and view a glimpse of a passing landscape through water misted eyes? Try water tubing, it is an aqua sports that gives you an adrenalin rush as you coast, bob or glide along a swift flowing river on a plastic, donut shaped tube! Dubbed as “donuts” or “biscuits” because of their shape, these thin, inflatable and flexible tubes are made of strong and durable synthetic rubber or PVC plastic. Though some tubes may have some variation in their construction, they are basically made of the same material. Provided that the water levels are safe and the current has a consistent flow, this watersports activity can be enjoyed by enthusiastic riders either free flowing or towed.

    When you free flow, it means you are seating on the middle of your donut-shaped tube using your webbed gloved hands as paddles as you coast or bob along a waterway’s current. You can enjoy the passing scenery, the splash of the water and the occasional bumps when your tube runs into rocks or floating debris while leaning back comfortably across the top of the tube in pure joy and in awe of nature or you can grip the handles in sheer terror and exhilaration as you maneuver unexpected rapids. Oh, what an adventure not to be missed!

    Although most tubes have a protective fabric to cover its bottom and inner diameter, there are tubes whose seating area are inserted with a wooden panel to prevent pointed objects from poking into the tube and hurting its rider in shallow water areas. There are pockets in the cover that can be used as a container to store personal items or it can be used as thrash bag for items that the rider can pick up along their water cruise.

    Towed water tubing is being pulled across a large body of water by a high powered motor boat. Several tubes can be pulled along by the watercraft through ropes secured to the tubes’ anchor point. The plastic or rubber tubes are covered with sleeves to prevent it from being stretched during the exhilarating water journey. Handles can be found in the sleeves to enable riders to take a strong grip while they are yelling with fear or pleasure as they skim through the water at a fast rate, just like in a waterskiing but in a different kind of equipment.

    Water tubing is a watersport activity that is extremely enjoyable and pleasurable and to prevent injury from marring its pleasure, all water tubing enthusiasts are enjoined to observe safety precautions while doing it. Life vests, safety shoes and helmets should be worn during the activity. Free flowing riders are strongly advised not to tie anything to their tube or use ropes because they might get entangled with them and lead to the possibility of being drowned if ever they experience a spill into the water.

    To address the increasing enthusiasm of water tubers, some water resorts created manmade, circular rivers or “lazy rivers,” where guests can enjoy another kind of water adventure.

    Proper Tube Inflation

    A properly inflated tube will help ensure the longest life possible and provide peak performance. While under inflated boat towables are more prone to ripping, over inflated, chances of damaging the bladder increase. To check proper inflation, stand on the tube after it's been inflated. If your feet don't sink in at all, it's over inflated and some air will need to be removed. If your feet sink in more than slightly, air will need to be added. Makes sure to continue to monitor the tube's air pressure as fluctuation will commonly occur due to exposure to hot sun and cooler water; over-inflation from sitting in the hot sun can be enough to burst the bladder.

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