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How to Avoid Spreading Invasive Aquatic Species

How to Avoid Spreading Invasive Aquatic Species

This video will explain the most effective techniques for preventing aqua hitchhikers from spreading to other bodies of water. ... read more

Video Transcript

Hey everybody its Rob Nelson. Now when I was younger I used to work as a biologist; as an aquatic invasive species biologist. One of the things we did was try to help lakes not get invasive species in them. And really there’s only so much we can do as researchers, a lot of it comes down to you the boating community. That’s why we made this little video to make sure that you’re not introducing plants from lake to lake. You know otherwise known as hitchhikers.

The reason they call these bad guys hitchhikers is because they are mostly spread by hitching rides on our boats and trailers. If we don’t let these invasive species ride away from here on our boats and gear, then they can to get into someplace else to cause trouble, it’s that simple. So here is what you can do.

Take the time to inspect your boat and trailer while removing any plants and animals before leaving the ramp area. Pull plugs and clean drain and dry your boat, live well on land before leaving. Empty your bait bucket on land far enough away from water that it can’t get back into it. Trying to feed the fish by releasing bait into the water only hurts the environment. That’s why it’s illegal in some places.

Rinse off your boats, propeller, trailer, buckets, floats, gear you name it the works. And high pressure washing works best. Finally air-dry your boat and equipment for as long as possible before entering new waters. And before you transfer your boat out of state you may need to get a certification or affidavit that certifies your boat, trailer and other equipment are invasive free.

Now if you liked that clip, then you’re going to want to see the whole video which you can get at It’s a site where you can get certified in boat safety. Leave comments for us, we love to hear from you guys and we’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching.

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