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Wire & Cable How-To's

Coil of Green Wire

Boat Wire Color Coding

Anyone baptized into the world of boating post-teen can confirm the existence of a hidden secondary hobby all boaters are conned into when taking-on a new (especially new-used) boat: keepin' the damn thing runnin'. ... read more

Black, Green, and Red Wire

While the task of doing so can is highly diverse based on the boat/motor you buy and how you use it, learning the tricks and resources of the trade will make the process easier, less time-consuming, and far less frustrating.   Not to mention that one mistake in maintenance/repair can be more costly than taking the boat to the mechanic to get the entire problem taken care of. One of the most potentially frustrating trouble-shooting and repair categories is boat wiring. While there is in fact 'much ado' about wiring, the wiring color-code system (in conjunction with an understanding of wire sizing, routing, etc) will be the electrical scale from which you compose.. your boat's wiring layout.  To view the Boat Wiring Color-Code Chart, click Here

Thanks to Ancor by Marinco for providing the chart.  Photo by Shandchem
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About Wire & Cable

High Quality Boat Cable and Wire

When you build or replace boat wiring and cable with the parts and components you buy from, such as our high quality marine grade wire, terminal kits, and wiring tools, you have upgraded to a low maintenance and long lasting electrical system. All of our wire and wiring components are of high marine-grade quality, plus we carry a variety of color-coded wire types such as basic, triplex and duplex wires. Stay organized with wire management ties, clamps, and wire organizers, or make your connections extra secure with heat shrink tubes. No matter what your boat wiring needs, iboats carries the top marine-grade electrical brands such as Ancor, Blue Sea Systems, SeaSense, Perko and SeaDog to keep your boat system's current flowing.


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