Bottomkote® is ideally suited for cruising and power boats that desire very good, dependable protection. Soft, eroding finish enables easy cleaning and minimal paint film build up.

  • Traditional antifouling protection for most areas
  • Soft eroding bottom paint for cruising boats
It has a universal application over all types of properly prepared bottom paints and surfaces (except Aluminum).

Technical Specifications
Area: Below the waterline
Finish/Sheen: Matte
Substrates: GRP/FRP
Cast Iron
Suitable for Aluminum: No
Suitable for High Fouling Areas: Good
Number of Coats: 2-3
Application Method: Airless Spray
Conventional Spray
Application Method Recommended
No. of Coats
Practical Coverage
(sq. ft/Gal)
Airless Spray 2-3 224 Y216
Brush 2-3 314 Y216
Conventional Spray 2-3 224 Y216
Roller 2-3 314 Y216
Below Water Systems: One-Part Products
These systems provide a good level of protection.
Fiberglass Wood
Aluminum Steel
How Much AntiFouling Paint Do I Need?
Determining how much antifouling you will need is fairly simple. You can calculate the area to paint by multiplying the length of your hull (LOA) by the beam and multiply by 0.85 (LOA x B x 0.85 = Area). Then divide the area by the coverage of the paint you've chosen to determine how many quarts per coat you will need.
Refer to the reference chart below for another quick estimate of how much antifouling paint is required for two coats.
How Much Antifouling Paint