Mooring attachment system that allows up to three lines from the mooring to your boat. The system maintains mooring line separation to minimize chafe and increase line life. No more tangled mooring lines! Two systems are available for multi-hulls (3 lines to boat) or mono-hulls (2 lines to boat). Also available with safety shackles and swivel that utilize nuts and cotter pins that eliminate the need for wire seizing. For boats 25'' - 60'' in length and 8,000 lbs.-fSWL Breaking strength 32,000 lbs-f. The system can use up to 1" lines with normal thimbles or 3/4" lines with HD thimbles. Recommended attachment point is below the mooring buoy.
  • #33040 - Monohull (2 shackle attachment points)
  • #33040S - Monohull (2 shackle attachment points) with safety shackle
  • #33050 - Multihull (3 shackle attachment points)
  • #33050S - Multihull (3 shackle attachment points) with safety shackle