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New - 2013 - Bryant Boats

  • About Bryant Boats
  • Why Bryant Boats?

    Unlike the other 99.9% of boats rolling off the assembly lines these days, Bryant Boats keep their value far better, far longer than most other boats in the world. That alone is an excellent testament to our quality. Why go into all this detail? Experience has taught us the more customers know about Bryant Boats; the more they love owning them. Itís not that Bryant Boats are a little bit different here and there. Compared to other boats, Bryant Boats are altogether a different species. Knowledge is power. Youíll be better prepared to ask some tough questions and see through the less-than-honest ways some manufacturers talk about their boat construction.

    Expert Craftsmen and limited Production
    The people who power our boats.

    Imagine being a key player on an undefeated championship teamó a team that wins the world title year after year. If you can imagine that, youíll have some inkling of the spirit and dedication to excellence our people bring to their craft. Our people at Bryant are the foundation of our success. Their hands are our tools. So we treat them like family. Each member of our team has an average 12 years of boat building experience, and several have over 25 years in the business. As one employee said: ďOnce youíve worked with the best, you donít want to work anywhere else.Ē

    We build a few, for just a few.

    Most fine artists limit the production of their masterpieces. In the same way, we limit the production of our Bryant boats to a mere 400 a year. Partly, itís a matter of practicality: Because it takes us 14 days to make each boat from start to finish, we simply canít build more than that. But more importantly, itís a matter of integrity. We create the finest boats in the world by hand and that simply takes time. We arenít catering to everyone, just the select individuals like your self who truly enjoy and appreciate quality craftsmanship. Ask any Bryant Boat owner and youíll hear all about the satisfaction of owning a Bryant masterpiece.

    NMMA Certified and best warranty ever.

    All Bryant boats and trailers are NMMA certified. Established and overseen by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the standards of the NMMA certification surpass the U.S. Coast Guard regulations. NMMA inspectors regularly visit our facilities and inspect each model for compliance. Anyone can say they have the best materials and workmanship, but the true proof is in the warranties they offer. We offer the strongest warranties in the business. Because we donít use wood, we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on fiberglass floors, stringers, motor mounts and transoms. Since we use AME 5000 Resinô, we can offer a 5-year warranty against water blistering. We also offer 5-year transferable warranties on the Engine and Powertrain. Most everything that is considered Standard Equipment is covered by our 2-Year Warranty. Moreover, we are proud to state that Bryant Boats has one of the lowest rates of Warranty Incidents in the business. But, if a problem arises, your dealer is paid 100% of his shop rate. Claims are handled efficiently and fast. Weíre only satisfied when you are.

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