PC-Planner turns your PC into a virtual chart plotter for planning and trip management while you see detail on your actual C-MAP electronic chart. Versions available for all compatible plotters.

  • View actual chart data
  • Create and change routes
  • Accurately measure distances
  • Add and edit waypoints and marks

Most of you can transfer these trip plans to a C-MAP Memory Card, plug it into your plotter and load these routes on the spot. This means that you go to your boat; turn on your chart plotter; press a button or two to load your trip data; turn on the engine and you're off!

Since you'll be using the actual C-MAP chart you use in your chart plotter, your PC will mirror the detail you see onboard your boat. You'll gain access to all the planning data that C-MAP charts offer, including:

  • Coastal Navigation Data
  • Depth Contour Data
  • Spot Soundings
  • Port Information
  • Marina Information
  • Tide Data

PC Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
  • 8 MB RAM (32 MB for 2000, ME and XP)
  • 4 MB available disk space
  • VGA Display
  • One available USB port

Compatible Chart Plotters
To fully take advantage of the power of the PC-Planner, you need to have a compatible chart plotter that can accept C-MAP's User (Memory) Card. Listed below are the chart plotters that are currently compatible.

  • FURUNO: - The October 2004 release of PC-Planner software version 10.00 supports the Furuno FP-card reader. This enables Furuno users to take full advantage of all the standard PC-Planner features. Furuno models compatible with PC-Planner include:
    • All NavNet and VX2 Series models.
    • Most other C-MAP based plotter models that are either fully compatible or may be upgraded to full compatibility.
  • Standard Horizon: CP150, CP150C, CP160, CP170C, CP1000
  • Interphase: 7M+/MI/MX/CI/CV and 11MX/CVX/CXS/CVXS
  • Leica: MK20/30/40
  • Navman: Tracker 5100/5500/5600/6600
  • SiTex: 1000NT, 6000NT, 8000NT, Max 10NT, Prism 10NT, Neptune, Neptune iGPS, Explorer II, Genesis (no tide display), Onyx, Ultracolor, Ultracolor Plus, Nautilus iGPS, Explorer II, Color Max Wide E/I
  • Brookes & Gatehouse: H100-cnd
  • Magellan: NAV 6500 / 6510
  • VDO: Logic Map 7/8/8E/10/10E & Map 11 C/CS
  • RAYMARINE: Recently, Raymarine issued a software upgrade that makes their chart plotters 100% compatible with PC-Planner and C-MAP's User Cards. While the exact version number of the software varies from chart plotter to chart plotter, we have tested the following systems with these software versions:
    • RL760 - Software v3.20
    • RL70C - Software v4.11
    • RL80 - Software v3.20
    • RC631- Software v3.20

All of the above work as documented with the PC-Planner and C-MAP'S User C-card.

Important Note: Customers who do not own one of the chart plotters listed in the matrix above can still purchase PC-Planner and view their regular format (non-Furuno) C-cards. These users will have access to the same chart information as users with "compatible" chart plotters. However, they will not be able to transfer data to and from the chart plotter with a user card.