Engine Make Horse Power Range Years Tilt and Trim Unit
Mercury Outboard 5-35 HP All PT-35
Mariner Outboard 5-35 HP All PT-35
Evinrude Outboard 5-35 HP All PT-35
Johnson Outboard 5-35 HP All PT-35
Force Outboard 5-35 HP All PT-35
Chysler Outboard 5-35 HP All PT-35
Honda Outboard 7.5-35 HP All PT-35
Yamaha Outboard 6-35 HP All PT-35
Suzuki Outboard 9.9-35 HP All PT-35
Nissan/Tahatsu Outboard 9.9-35 HP All PT-35

For Motors from 40-130 HP we recommend the CMC PT-130 Hydraulic Tilt and Trim. Click here for details.

For all other motors over 130 HP we recommend the CMC Hydraulic Jack Plate. Click Here for details.

Electric Hydraulic Tilt N' Trim

You Get Power Tilt & Trim, Better Boat Handling, More Speed, Lower Fuel Consumption and No More Back Strain! With the touch of a switch you can raise your motor to protect your prop from damage and your back from strain. It's especially convenient on pontoon boats.

Marine Electrical Hydraulic System
The Electric Hydraulic System is totally waterproof and is rated over 7800 lbs. of thrust! This system is made of 100% non-ferrous material which makes it more impervious to saltwater and freshwater.

Incredible Durability.
The CMC Power Tilt and Trims are made of 6061 T6 alloy aluminum extrusions and fastened with stainless steel fasteners for maximum strength and durability. No welds or castings (molded aluminum) to break. CMC is the only manufacturer offering a 5-year structure warranty.

This HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR is completely self-contained with its own fluid reservoir (eliminates the need for hydraulic pump, tank and hoses inside the boat). It contains a permanent magnet motor for more power and R.P.M. The 2" diameter cylinder within the actuator has 40% more lifting capacity than most other after market tilt and trims on the market. It contains a non-leak seal and wiper seal that keeps dirt and water out of the working parts.

Experience Convenience & Improved Performance. The CMC Power Tilt and Trims allow you to tuck your motor in to get your boat on plane smoother and faster. When you're underway, you can change the angle of your motor to obtain the best performance for your load and water conditions. It gives you a more stable ride, increases top end speed, more prop clearance and better fuel efficiency.

The optional tilt and trim gauge (not available with the PT-35) is sealed and drip proof and mounts in the dash of the boat for safe and convenient height determination and makes it very easy to know the exact angle of your motor. The sending unit is completely sealed and waterproof, which eliminates any moisture problems. The up-down toggle switch is standard equipment.


Hydraulic tilt & trim with no castings or welds to break. Don't settle for less quality imitations! The PT-35 is a lighter, more compact Tilt and Trim unit manufactured for 35 horsepower motors and smaller(Down to 2 H.P.). The PT-35 utilizes the same hydraulic actuator as the PT-130 and gives you all the same benefits. This unit easily adapts to bolt-on motors and clamp-on motors (*within the 11 inch frame) without the need of an adapter.

  • Rated for 35 H.P; and Smaller Motors.
  • 5 1/2" Set Back to Enhance Boat Stability and enables the prop to get a better "bite" at a higher prop setting.
  • 84° of Trim and Tilt.
  • 1/4" 6061 T6 Extruded Aluminum Construction with Stainless Steel Fasteners.
  • Electric Hydraulic Actuator Rated at 7853 lbs. of Thrust!
  • Accommodates Clamp-on or Bolt- on Motors Without the Need of an Adapter.
  • Weighs Only 24 Pounds!

* The inside dimension of the motor mounting area of the PT-35 is II inches. Before ordering, please make sure that the maximum width of the clamp mounting feet and/or mounting bolts of the motor that must fit into this area does not exceed this II inch limit. Refer to the transom view drawings. Mounting bolts are not included with the PT-35.

Transom Clamp Motor Adapter

For installation of motors mounted with transom clamps, an adapter kit is available. This adapter kit is made for quick and easy installation of these type motors. The transom clamp adapter will only be need with the PT-130

"I just installed a PT-35 Trim & Tilt with help of a friend, and had no trouble at all, in fact I was amazed at how easy it was! I have a 30 H.P. Honda long shaft outboard and the tilt works great!"
Lonnie S. - Minnesota

"At the lake I was somewhat hesitant at first to use the throttle too hard or too fast. After a while, I did everything possible to test the unit. I couldn't be more pleased and satisfied with it's performance,"
Russ S. - India