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New 2013 C and C Yachts

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New 2014 C and C Yachts
New - 2013 - C and C Yachts Boats

  • About C and C Yachts
  • Introduction to C&C Yachts

    For nearly 40 years, C&C Yachts has led the industry in performance sailboat design and technology. The right mixture of speed and comfort has produced a string of successful racer/cruisers, and continues to guide today's C&C Yachts. This heritage and design philosophy produced our current fleet of C&C Yachts that are the fastest, strongest, best-designed racer/cruisers ever built.


    When faced with the challenge of building the Stealth Fighter, Lockheed knew the answer was employing high tech aerospace technologies, utilizing epoxy resins and carbon fiber composite laminates. Nothing else delivered the lightweight strength required to succeed, and without them, the Stealth wouldn't fly. We think these same properties make a better sailboat and let you �Fly Faster with C&C Yachts�.


    At C&C Yachts we're cooking up better boats. Just as with the Stealth Fighter, beneath the surface there lurks a secret; pressure laminated composite of e-glass and carbon fiber in an oven backed epoxy matrix. Technology taken to a level far beyond what ANY polyester or vinylester construction can deliver, the result is a far lighter, stiffer and flat-out tougher boat.

    Our epoxy process allows us to precisely control lamination so local reinforcing and structural members can be laid together and cured as a single unit. The resulting one shot laminate is far superior and stronger than the secondary bonding process required on polyester laminates.

    The strength of any composite laminate is a direct result of maximizing the amount of high strength uni-directional reinforcements in the laminate. Epoxy resin and strict resin control using resin impregnators ensures a superior fiber to resin ratio. The resulting laminate is approximately 60% uni-directional fibers compared to the typical 27% fiber content dominated by short random chopped strand mat found in a polyester laminate. Simply put, polyester won't fly, its just too heavy.

    Further enhancing the composite structure, C&C Yachts utilizes Core Cell linear polyurethane foam cores. This core exhibits superior shear, impact and stiffness properties, completing a laminate that out performs all polyester or vinylester laminates.

    C&C Yachts Stylish Interiors

    While C&C Yachts is recognized as an industry leader for strength, speed and safety at sea, our interiors provide you the utmost in style and comfort below decks. Here are a few of the many elegant features found in our boats.

    Handcrafted solid and laminated trim details
    Ventilated, solid stock cherry cabinet doors
    Varnished solid stock panel passage doors
    Dovetail drawers with solid cherry fronts
    Select, rich Sunbrella fabrics, custom crafted by our in-house upholstery team
    Hand varnished, carefully placed handholds providing safe movement below decks
    Lightweight composite cherry cabinets
    Custom molded composite laminate, solid surface countertops in the galley and head areas that are scratch and crack resistant and lightweight

    We must admit, this is a departure from the Stealth Fighter, with C&C Yachts you'll fly faster, and in greater comfort.

    Carbon Fiber Masts

    Just as the first airplanes were built from spruce, so were masts for sailboats. Aluminum replaced both because it was lighter, stronger and stiffer and provided better performance and increased safety. When called upon to make the next leap in performance the aerospace industry jumped to carbon fiber laminates pressure cured at high temperatures in an autoclave. This technology makes up the heart and sole of the Stealth Fighter....and makes all C&C Yachts fly faster.

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