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Cabin & Galley Accessories for my Boat

Your boat should be a home away from home. Its your escape from the real world into the paradise that we all want to live in. You don't ever want to be out in the middle of the lake/ocean without the essentials you need. Let us help you get and stay stocked up on everything you need. From the bathroom, or head, to the kitchen/galley, we are positive we have something for you. We provide only the top quality products from the top manufacturers in the business.

Anything that you would find on the interior of your vessel, i.e. cup holders, hatches, lighting, and small appliances to name a few, would be found in our Cabin and Galley section on our website.

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Soap Dish - Whitecap
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Dowels for louvered door, 8 pk - Whitecap
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Traditional Napkin Holder - Whitecap
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