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2014 Gator Trax Boats Pirogues

Our pirogues are true Louisiana pirogues. These small boats have been in use here for hundreds of ye ...

2014 Gheen Boats 15' 4

The 15'4 offers plenty of fishing room with a weight that will still make it a car top wonder! Sleek ...

2014 Old Town Canoe Camper 16

Camper 16 For the family, the Camper may just be the best all-around canoe available. Engineered fo ...

2014 Old Town Canoe Tripper 172

Tripper 172 The 17-foot Tripper is what wilderness canoeing is all about. A high volume hull w ...

About Canoe Boats

Canoe's are smaller 10-19, narrow boats, usually pointed at both bow and stern that are usually powered by paddles although some canoes have a flat transom for installation of small engines. Canoes are made of many materials including wood, fiberglass, plastic, carbon fiber and aluminum.

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