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    Big fish live in big water. It takes a special character to hunt in this environment �a soul that you�ll find inbred in every Carolina Classic boat. The big wide flair of the bow pushes out the waves and gives a soft re-entry. Whether she�s taking it on the nose, shouldering a cornering sea, or running downhill with a following sea, she�s at home. And so are you.

    Her oversized, uncluttered cockpit dance floor is free of engine boxes, hardware, seats, or anything else that might snag a line or break a toe. You can even add a fighting chair or leaning post. The top line fishing gear comes built-in all Carolina Classic Boats: the recessed stainless rod holders, the outriggers, the fish boxes, the rigging station. Everything well organized and perfectly located. Amenities all serious saltwater fishermen expect. You can easily customize electronics to suit your preferences. The helm console can handle large screen displays. And it folds down to give easy access to all the wiring and fusses. Comfortable amenities, too. DVD, flat panel TV, stereo sound, and full galley provide the creature comforts for long outings.

    Construction of Carolina Classic Boats

    When you come from a neighborhood as rough as ours, you learn how to make good fishing boats tough. Boats that hold up to heavy sea conditions time after time. Boats you can count on. Like Carolina Classic Boats

    For that, Carolina Classic Boats starts with proven construction techniques enhanced with the latest technology. Which means super strong hull bottoms laminated to exacting thickness. Then, just to make extra sure, Carolina Classic Boats overlap critical stress points like the chines and keel with extra layers of glass for superior strength.

    Then the liners and deck are precision-fitted and glassed-in permanently for an inseparable bond. The result: structural integrity made to take what Mother Ocean might give.

    All Carolina Classic boats us heavy-duty engine mounts that are through-bolted to the stringers thus spreading the force evenly the length of the vessel, reducing vibration.

    All through-hull fittings are anti-corrosive bronze or stainless steel, never plastic or composite. And every metal fitting below the waterline is bonded for protection against electrolysis.

    The custom-made, baffled fuel tanks are carefully balanced then secured aft of the helm deck, then vented outboard to prevent odors from entering the cabin. The over-sized air intakes are placed above the shear so engines won�t clog from sucking salt air.


    At Carolina Classic Boats, we use only the highest-grade materials and quality parts to assure the boats� reliability. The mechanical systems on Carolina Classic Boats not only exceed industry standards, they also provide extra safety and ease-of-operation every time you take her out. Then, whenever possible, Carolina Classic Boats build-in a back-up or redundant system, just in case.

    The freshwater tubing system on all Carolina Classic Boats is sure-fitting, bacteria-resistant polybutelene, instead of copper or composites, which are more inclined to corrode or fail in cold climates. All our diesel-powered boats include fuel-water separator filters for engines and generators, multiple bilge pumps with engage indicators, fuel priming systems, and hydraulic steering.

    The engine compartments on all Carolina Classic Boats are works of art. First, they�re oversized, so you can work on all sides of the engines. All the components are logically organized and easy to access. The compartment walls have carefully installed insulation to reduce noise. The exhaust systems for engines and generator are separate, to eliminate carbon build-up when both aren�t running simultaneously. And there�s a built-in fire-suppression system that activates automatically.


    Carolina Classic Boats electrical systems are installed with the same thoughtful care and dogged determination for reliability and durability. All wire and cable is UL Listed, tin coated stranded copper, sealed in an insulated jacket. The wiring runs are tie-wrapped, secured and color-coded. For ultimate protection and reduced friction points, we insert anti-chaffing material around all wires that penetrate bulkheads or cross sharp edges.

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