C-CHARGER® 9000 Series Marine Ferroresonant Battery Chargers
C-CHARGER® 9000 Series Marine Ferroresonant Battery Chargers are the intelligent choice for durability and safety in Marine UL listed products. A paragon of simplicity, the 9000 Series using a self-regulating ferroresonant transformer devoid of any complicated switching circuits. Built of rugged, stainless steel and high-quality components, C-CHARGERS® are guaranteed to perform in the toughest marine environments.

Marine UL listing ensures durability and safety

  • Only complete line of battery chargers approved by Marine UL's stringent specifications, testing and evaluation.
  • Tested for durability against static, impact, vibration and shock

Self-regulating ferroresonant charger provides maximum reliability, long life and safety

  • Restores up to 3 individual battery banks simultaneously; custom models up to 4 banks available upon request.
  • Nothing to adjust or set - battery banks automatically receive only as much charge as they individually require
  • Prevents overcharging and damage, extending the life of the battery
  • Ignition protected (USCG-33 CFR 183.410)
  • Easy-to-read DC ammeter indicates the charge rate

Durable, corrosion-resistant housing and components

  • Constructed of rugged, stainless steel housing that stands up to the elements - including extreme heat, humidity and salt air

Easy to install and service

  • Keyhole slots for easy mounting
  • Easy access to terminal connections
  • 5 Year warranty, made in the USA