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New 2013 Com-Pac Yachts

New - 2013 - Com-Pac Yachts Boats

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    The trend these days seems to be to bigger and bigger boats. But don't tell that to the people at the Hutchins Company, Inc. who build the Com-Pac Yacht line of small sailboats -they almost can't build boats fast enough to meet the demand.

    The Hutchins Company is a family owned-and-operated corporation founded in 1957 by W.L. Hutchins Sr.. Les Hutchins, or "Hutch" to everyone who knew him, was a self-made man from a farming background who became a successful inventor and entrepreneur. His inventions ranged from automobile accessories to a unique folding high chair. The "Ah-ooo-gah" horns popular on Model A Fords were made by him too. A tool and die maker by trade, Hutch initially owned and operated a successful metal-stamping and fabrication shop in St. Louis, Missouri, which subcontracted work from the major automobile manufacturers. Eventually the Hutchins Company, Inc. developed its own line of automotive products incorporating many patents and registered trademarks held by Les Hutchins.

    In the early 1970's the desire to turn a personal interest in sailing into corporate diversification was realized when Les focused his talents on boat manufacturing. In 1970 Hutch commissioned master boatwright and designer Clark Mills to put a big boat into a small package. The result was a 16-footer appropriately named "The Com-Pac Yacht."

    Designer Clark Mills is best known for his Windmill and Optimist pram designs. There may be more Optimists in the world than any other one-design class. Yacht designer Robert H. Perry recently referred to Clark Mills as "one of the unsung heroes of the yacht design world."

    The concept for the original sixteen-foot boat came from an idea of Hutch's to build a boat that could be shipped in a box sixteen-feet long, five-feet high and six-feet wide. Clark Mills didn't feel this was any way to design a boat, nevertheless he and Hutch worked together until they came up with the original Com-Pac Yachts 16. It took two years to properly shape and fair the plug and another eight months to build the first boat which was completed in 1974. The box idea was eventually scrapped, but Mills and Hutchins put as much boat into those dimensions as possible.

    Welcome to the Com-Pac Sailboat idea

    Com-Pac Yachts began business in 1974 with our first boat, the Com-Pac 16. The idea then was to build a seaworthy yacht with a strong commitment to value. (For the full story, see Hutchins Company Profile.) Since then we have expanded our line and today we build nine models, four cat-rigged and five sloop-rigged. The Com-Pac Sailboat line covers a wide range of sizes from a 14-foot day sailor to a 35-foot bluewater cruiser. Each model, regardless of size, is built with the same exacting attention to detail and that same commitment to value.

    Our line of modern cat-rigged models (dubbed "A New Breed of Catboat") offer the ultimate in trailer-sailing ease and rig set up. All come with the Mastendr´┐Ż quick-rig sailing system that allows for the boom, sail, and gaff to be left installed on the boat while the mast is folded or raised. The shrouds stay attached and the head stay disconnects with the flip of the pre-adjusted forestay self-locking lever. This system, unique to Com-Pac Yachts, adds an ease and convenience to trailer sailing that is really astounding.

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