The CT-series is a direct belt driven bow thruster, which provides a quieter, and smoother operation with more thrust. The CT-series is designed to improve performance using maximum possible power for the lowest possible electricity consumption. The CT-series is easy to install as well as very easily maintained and the choice of material eliminates the use of zinc anodes.

Note! The CT-series also requires a Thruster Control Unit, 12 V - 41100812, 24 V - 41100813.

Part no.VoltageThrustMotor outputTunnel diam.internalGear housingNo. ofpropellersMax. boatlength, ft
4110076112 V60 kg/590 N/132 lbs4 kW/5 hp160 mmstainless steel139 ft/12 m
4110077124 V70 kg/685 N/154 lbs4 kW/5 hp160 mmstainless steel139 ft/12 m