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Crankbaits How-To's

Using Crankbait

Fishing 101: When to Use Crankbait (Video)

Here is a detailed video with professional angler Gene Ellison as he describes why and when to use Crankbaits.... read more

Video Transcript

My favourite way to catch fish is with a crankbait. I love fishing crankbait because they’re fun, they’re easy and they’re exciting!

At the beginning of the bait, I choose a rattle type bait. This one has rattles inside it, it makes a lot of noise. I fish in the shallows, move it really fast, looking for fine fish that are active and will chase this down.

When you’re purchasing a crankbait, on the package it will tell you how deep it will dive. A bait like this – a square build crankbait – dives three to five feet. It’s great around covers, boulders, laid-down logs, etc. This bait terrific for diving in the mid-depths, anywhere from five to ten feet deep. This is a deeper diving crankbait. The way that you know is this extended bill right here, it allows this bait to dive down deeper so you can catch some of those deeper fish.

A jerk bait – I love to use this in cold water situations. Early in the season, I can cast this out, crank it down and that bait will sit there suspended eight to nine feet. I can then jerk it slowly – boom, boom, boom – it will move and twist and sit there and the slow-moving fish in that time of the year will come up and eat that bait.

If you’re fishing in clear coloured water, you’re going to want to choose more natural, silver and white-type baits. If you’re fishing in darker coloured waters, you’re going to want to choose bright yellows and greens and darker baits like that.

The next time you go out fishing, why don’t you start with a crankbait?

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