Do you need a customized replacement carpet for your old boat? The Custom Snap-In Replacement Boat Carpet Template Kit from Taylor Made is what you exactly need. In this template kit, you will get a custom-cut carpet of any desired color. The replacement snap-in carpet effectively withstands marine conditions and has strong rubber backing. The matched poly binding edges improve aesthetics and durability.

  • Snap-in replacement carpet
  • Come in choice of colors
  • Tough and durable carpet

It is very easy to buy this snap-in replacement carpet. First order the custom template cockpit kit. The kit includes 8' by 10' Mylar template sheet, marker, color swatches and order form. Measure the existing carpet area by tracing it over using the provided template kit and select the swatch color of your choice. Mail the template back to receive the quote and then place the order. Your ready-to-install custom made carpet will be delivered right at your doorstep! Install it in a snap to give your boat a luxurious update!

Features of Taylor Made Custom Snap-In Replacement Boat Carpet Template Kit

  • Custom template cockpit kit allows to easily measuring the carpet that your boat needs
  • Allows getting custom cut, snap-in replacement carpet
  • Durable and tough replacement carpet
  • Carpet is mold and mildew resistant
  • Carpet has rubber backing
  • Choice of colors
  • 5 year warranty on all carpets


  • Manf. Part # 44160
  • Type: Carpet cockpit template kit
  • 8' by 10' Mylar template sheet for tracing carpet section(s)
  • Marker for tracing the carpet pieces
  • A Swatch of every color and carpet type available for purchase
  • Order form
  • The template can be sent back in the same box it is shipped in.
    • (Note: Customer pays for shipping)