DETMAR blowers are reliable, efficient and have the highest capacity on the market. DETMAR raised the performance standards for in-line blowers by pioneering design features like its five-blade, bullet nosed impeller and cambered stator vanes. DETMAR offers Water-Resistant models for added protection in high-moisture applications.

DETMAR blowers have the highest rated air capacity of any exisiting in-line blower. The 3" blower produces 170 CFM*, 25% more than the competition; the 4" blower 240 CFM*, 9% more than competing brands. With DETMAR'S in-line design, this translates into higher system airflow under pressure for any hose, collector box or vent configuration.

DETMAR blowers deliver their high-capacity at low amp draw. DETMAR"S specially designed five blade, bullet-nosed impeller and cambered stator vanes provide high pressure with a minimum of air turbulence. This reduces motor loading, maximizes efficiency and prolongs motor life.

DETMAR subjects it's blowers to ongoing professional third-party testing and certification using the most comprehensive set of tests available to duplicate field conditions. The standard used is Underwriter's Laboratories UL 1128, a thirty-one part analysis which includes testing of salt spray corrosion resistance, humidity exposure resistance, vibration and shock resistance, housing and fan durability, low and high temperature performance, ignition protection, capacity, locked-rotor and blocked-inlet performances. DETMAR meets or exceeds the following standards:

  • UL 1128
  • ABYC H-2
  • NMMA Certified
  • U.S.C.G. 33 CFR sections 183.410, 183.425 and 183.610
  • IMCI Certified in accordance with ISO 9097

Housing is molded of tough, corrosion-proof ABS plastic with rugged built in mounting brackets for easy installation and quieter operation. Molded tabs on all hose flanges provide positive hose connections.

DETMAR can supply blower wire leads with two-way molded or custom connections for attachment to boat's wire harness. Contact your DETMAR representative for more information.

DETMAR backs its Water-Resistant blowers with a three year Limited Warranty. Standard units carry a one-year Limited Warranty.