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Electric How-To's

TRAC Anchor Winch Installation (Video)
A video presentation on how to install a Trac Anchor Winch, presented by Trac ... read more

Video Transcript

This video will demonstrate how to properly install the fisherman 25 anchor winch from Trac Outdoor Products. This will install similarly to other products from Trac. Like the Fisherman 25, The Big Water 45 has a separated davit while the pontoon 35 has an integrated davit which will extend further over the side of the boat.

Before installation, please consult your owner’s manual for safety issues and warnings. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and safe operation before using the anchor winch.

For this installation you will need the following tools:
  • An electric drill
  • 3/8 Inch drill bits
  • Adjustable wrench or socket wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Marker

  • You’ll also need your anchor winch and davit, bolts, washers and nuts, shackle for anchor attachment, battery wire and circuit breaker and an anchor. All of which is included with the winch – except the anchor, of course.

    This Fisherman 25 has an anchor davit that should be installed before the winch. The roller of the davit must be installed on center and in line with the ropes pull. To start – locate the desired placement for the anchor davit and winch. This could be at the front of the boat or back. The anchor davit must be installed at the edge of the deck so that the roller extends over the edge and allows the anchor to clear the deck when it’s docked in the anchor davit.

    For this particular boat we have selected to install the winch on an angle to free up space on the deck. In doing this we need to be sure that the rope has enough clearance. Check below the deck for any obstructions below the anchor davit and winch locations. Also, make sure there is enough space for the winch rope spool to be centered on the anchor davit. Check for a clear path to route the battery wires from winch to battery. Remove the winch cover. Using a marker, mark the anchor roller and winch mounting holes on the deck. Also mark the holes for the battery wire if it is running under the deck. Make sure the winch cover clears everything located on the deck. Remove the winch and anchor davit. Drill all holes. Then bolt to the deck. To ensure the greatest strength and minimize stress to the deck, use fender washers and marine plywood or other suitable material under the deck. While our installation is on a metal surface, you may need to use quarter inch spacers under the winch with a thick carpet installation. Pass the battery wires through the deck and route them to the battery. Use tie wraps to secure the wire where needed. Once your Trac Anchor winch has been installed, test it for correct operation and install the safety cable when running at speed. And remember; always place the anchor in your boat when trailering.
    read less
    TracOutdoor AutoDeploy

    TracOutdoor AutoDeploy

    Try the new Trac Auto Deploy for your Angler 25 & the Decboat 35 ... read more

    Video Transcript

    I’m Barb with Trac and I’m here to introduce our newest feature for electric anchor winches called Auto Deploy. Auto Deploy can be found on the Angler 25 and the Deckboat 35 models, both of which come with a wireless remote control. With the touch of a button, just press and release, the Auto Deploy automatically lowers the anchor. It will continue to let out line to allow the boat to drift. It will eventually lock in place or you can manually lock it into place with the touch of a button at any time.

    You can control the winch with the wireless remote control or by the sealed membrane switch on the body of the unit itself. And the best part of the Auto Deploy feature is that you don’t have to keep the down button pressed. It is just a press and release on the Auto Deploy and you’re free to go about your boating activity.

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