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Outboard Motors How-To's

Torqeedo Cruise Electric Outboard Motors (Video)

A video presentation on the Torqeedo Cruise Electric Outboard Motor ... read more

Video Transcript

Hi – I’m Steve Trkla. I manage our North American office headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Today – I would like to introduce you to our line of Torqeedo Cruise outboard motors. The Torqeedo Cruise is a very strong electrical outboard motor. It is available in a tiller version and also in a version equipped with remote throttle and adaptable to any common remote steering system.

The Cruise models require external batteries that hook up to a high current plug. We design our outboards with two design principles. They need to be technologically superior and they need to offer unprecedented benefits. In the next several minutes I will show you how the Cruise motor lives up to that challenge.

There are 3 key advantages that make the Cruise motor truly unique.

1 – You get unmatched power and range from a limited battery supply. Our motors simply have higher efficiency.

2 – The Cruise motor includes a built in information system and GPS that calculates range.

3 – The Cruise motor is by far the lightest outboard in its class.

Let’s start with power and efficiency. There is the 24 volt model that is called Cruise 2.0 which compares to a 5 horsepower outboard in propulsive power and compares to a 6 horsepower gasoline motor in terms of thrust.

The more powerful model is a Cruise 4.0 and is a 48 volt motor. It compares to an 8 horsepower gasoline and propulsive power and compares to a 9.9 horsepower outboard in terms of thrust.

So how does Torqeedo accomplish this? We use the latest technology available today. With regards to motor technology we use a brush less electronically controlled out runner with rare earth magnet. This means the motor is much more efficient and has dramatically higher torque than a conventional motor.

Now, because we have a high torque motor, we can use a very efficient propeller. Our propeller has a 12 inch diameter and a 10 inch pitch and turns slowly through the water. And that’s exactly the conventional wisdom to create efficient propellers. Large diameter, high pitch, turning slowly. But you need the torque of our motor to turn it.

While many outboard manufacturers use standard propeller shapes, our propeller is designed by using the same methods that are used to calculate modern container ships and submarine propellers.

The second advantage of the Cruise outboard motor is the built in information system and the GPS chip. This information system shows you how much charge you have left in your battery, the speed you go over ground, the distance you have left based on your current speed and the watts being drawn out of your batteries. My favorite is the distance remaining based on current speeds because it assures you that you won’t’ run out of power. Finally, you can display the measurement units in metric, miles, and nautical miles. The information and GPS system is only available in the remote control systems.

The third benefit is that the motor is extremely light weight - being less than 40 pounds or 18 kilograms. This enables the motor to be easily handles, moved, or mounted.

Before I close, let me give you some information on mounting and using the motor. The motor comes equipped with all the necessary cabling, including a fuse and an on/ off switch that disconnects the power from the motor. This allows for a simple plug and play installation.

For the sailors amongst you – it can easily be used in a fixed position and you can steer with your rudder.

The Cruise remote motor can be used in either fresh or salt water and can even be submersed for a brief period without damage.

We have measured the Cruise 2.0, the 6 horsepower equivalent on a Skerry Cruiser- a sailboat of 40 feet and 2.6 tons. With 2 12 volt, 200 Amp Hour Batteries. These are the speeds and ranges we measured. At Full throttle we got 5 knots for 2 hours and covered 10 nautical miles. At half throttle we got 2.7 knots, 16.5 hours and 44 nautical miles.

The Cruise 4.0 is about 2 knots faster. In closing, if you have any questions, please contact your local dealer.
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About Outboard Motors

Experience The Thrill Of A Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motor

Torqeedo utilizes revolutionary technology to create an electric motor that is an environmentally friendly alternative to heavy, high-maintenance internal combustion engines.

Tenders, dinghies and day sailors with up to 1.5 tons displacement get unprecedented propulsion with Torqeedo's innovative electrical and propeller technologies.

The innovations include:
  • highest overall efficiency on the market.
  • Most advanced rechargeable battery systems
  • Efficiency turned into power
  • Superior Propeller Technology


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