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  • iboats Review of Elie Kayaks: Manufacturer of Polyethylene Sit-On-Top, Day Touring, Fishing. and Recreational Kayaks

    Elie Kayaks is a family owned business that was established in 1968 and is currently run by Antoine and Christian Elie. These kayaks come in four main styles: day touring, recreational, sit-on-top, and fishing, which generally range between 10 and 14 feet in length. Additionally, each model includes a limited lifetime warranty. All Elie kayaks are built with smaller than average amounts of polyethylene material that is layered with resin, which makes it lighter in weight but stronger and more durable over time. Each design has different cosmetic advantages that attribute to the many things that can be accomplished on these kayaks. Elie kayaks are versatile, as well as comfortable, in the overall layout and structure.

    Elie kayaks are constructed with advanced technologies and materials. First and foremost, Elie manufacturers begin with by applying 3-layer Poly-XR, which contains the resin-layered polyethylene that makes the kayak lighter but stronger and easier to steer and control. There is also the Ergocled Seating System, which has adjustable backrest seating for extra support to the back, as well as the legs. Simultaneously, the Fluid Steering System Rudder that is istalled in Elie kayaks make steering and controling even easier in any environment, including environments with harsh weather conditions. The fishing kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks also include Quick Lock Hatches, which helps passengers to access their storage compartments more quickly and easily.

    Elie kayak include many different features and equipment options on each of their models, with some extra options on the sit-on-top and fishing kayaks. Some of these features include adjustable footpegs, keel extensions, padded thigh braces, knee pads, elastic bungee cords, water-tight stern bulkheads, etc. Additionally, Elie sit-on-top kayaks are built with self-bailing cockpit designs and storage pouches, while fishing kayaks contain carrying handles and rod holders. In short, Elie kayaks contain all of the necessary hardware and cosmetic installations that are required in a high-profile kayak with excellent quality.

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